GT5: Prologue VS PGR4 London Enviroment

Nib95 writes:

"This is a like for like comparison. Both London tracks, both day light conditions, same vehicle et all. None of this GT5P race circuit vs PGR4 city track with weather stuff. Like for like here. Taken with the same camera, same settings, within seconds of each other (switching channel to and fro)."

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mighty_douche3863d ago

Bit unfair with PGR4 being quite old now.

But hey, in the name of n4g, GT5 kills PGR.

sonarus3863d ago

Its also a bit unfair considering GT5P is not the final version. GT5p runs at 1080p and 60fps, PGR4 had to make that 30fps sacrifice to achieve those visuals. So end of story. If GT5 cut to 30fps i am scared to say our hdtv's would explode and we would have to start buying those new tv's shown at CES just to handle the visuals.

GT5 is greater than PGR4 and forza (visuals)
GT5 looks better than forza and forza can't do 1080p
GT5 and PGR4 are very close but PGR4 had to cut its frame rate as well as its resolution just to come close.

To be fair though, both Forza and PGR4 have a damage system but i believe GT5 damage modelling would at least be equal to forza damage though i am hoping it is better. Forza damage is great don't get me wrong. But the visuals in GT5 would look a bit off sporting that same damage. I want ultra realistic damage with sparks flying e.t.c. With the money there are getting from prologue plus the unlimited dev time sony is offering them i don't think we will see GT5 till it is absolutely perfect

NO_PUDding3863d ago

In GT5 they don't think you'll crash. You should be driving properly.

Heh, but seriously, all those extra models do is take up space on a disk and possibly add to the polgon count. To be honest it might reduce the poly count with damage.

But eitehr way I genuinely think that GT5 looks better but also PGR4 used midday sunlight, maybe not as clever, but then, it looks liek the lgith soucres are virtually the same in both, and HDr is just superb on GT5.

The cars look so rich, and real. I wants to go and get a sponge and wash them.

UltramanJ3862d ago

It is unfair. It's not fair to Xbox 360 to compare 3rd generation 360 games to second generation PS3 games.

power of Green 3863d ago (Edited 3863d ago )

Whats this trying to say that GT has better replays?.

The PGR4 screens look like sh*t in this post PGR4 has the best environments of any released demo or game. PGr4 is so dynamic with lighting and weather GT shouldn't even be compared.

Somethings wrong with those PGR4 pics somebody tweeked with them. I could prove it right not but this site won't let use the pics off of my HDD.

doodle3863d ago (Edited 3863d ago )

You are using both accounts at the same time.

LOL stupid MART claims he lives in Netherlands when there is 0 XBOT in EUROPE except a few in UK. POG claims he lives in Mexico

However nothing saves that GARBAGE BOX 3 FIX ME which dies on march 28th in europe

It is already a dead console

This is trying to say that GT murders PGR4/CARTOON FORZA in terms of graphics


MART and POG are the same PERSON

MART aka POG was caught here. He is a 35 year OLD gamer and lives in USA



can someone please complain to the MODS about this

DarkSniper3863d ago

Dark Sniper has done so. Doodle, Dark Sniper appreciates your contributions on ensuring that the Microslaves on here are constantly kept in check. The proof is shown and power of Green and TheMART at XBOXkings are the same person. Which further explains their ability to manipulate the bubble system.

As easy as it was for TheMART to check the IP address in relation to that pic, he could change his own as well. Which ensures that he keeps his and power of Green's bubble count up.

Dark Sniper has explained a portion of this conspiracy theory. Thank you Doodle once again for informing the truth on PLAYSTATION® 3 and Red Light 360.


gambare3863d ago (Edited 3863d ago )

You are taking your fanboyism to another lever, seriously, it's the same TV, the same pic quality and even with that it looks a lot better GT5. Seriously POG/MART chill out

sonarus3863d ago

Let me give you some advice man. Change your account and just kill the POG and mart characters. Come up with a new name and continue your ps3 hating and hopefully no one will notice and do remember to be more careful next time. Bashing the ps3 under two different names you have to cover your bases.

Anyways GT5 surfers under the same conditions as PGR4 like it or not. GT5 runs at 1080p and 60fps PGR4 runs at 720p and 30fps. So even if they looked about the same, GT5 still wins.

ruibing3863d ago

None of them were replays. And as for lightning, I'm surprised you can even see these kinds of things with those screen shots. We need better screenshots to see the superiority of GT5 Prologue.

Alcaponeyou3863d ago

"really sony droids have no life at all"

FirstknighT3863d ago (Edited 3863d ago )

Doodle and Darksniper should be the mascots for the sony fanboys. Seriously Nerdy!!!!

zapass3863d ago

[email protected]pog was miniGunned by doodle,
doodle is on a killing spree,
doodle 10 : [email protected] 0

Homicide3863d ago

First you whine, then you abuse the bubble system.

power of Green 3863d ago (Edited 3863d ago )

I don't know what you people can possibly be talking about I think the quality of these grabs are killing the detail of PGR4 somehow.

Nothing you can do to change it. PGR4 has environments that jump at you, in these pics they're all flat and lack the true detail PGR4 has(its widely known no other game has the same quality untill reviewers started previewing Grid).

PGR4 looks like this through and through on my HDTV. http://www.bizarrecreations...

power of Green 3863d ago

This is my actual gameplay all I did is pause the game ans rotate the camera.

gambare3863d ago

now out the pics of GT5 side by side with those pics of PGR4 with the SAME quality.

btw now that you put a more clear image of PGR4 it looks even worse besides the pics of GT5p, now I can notice the lesser details of the buildings of PGR4

sonarus3863d ago

I'm sorry POG but that doesn't look that great. Thought it was burnout for a sec

spandexxking3862d ago

theres got to be somthing wrong with you if you thimk PGR4 looks beter than GT

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Blademask3863d ago

Its not completely black yet.

mighty_douche3863d ago

lol... yeah it does seem set a little low huh! Still, everything is cleary much better in GT.

Watkins3863d ago

yeah wtf is up with that? I can't actually see anything .. Worst screens EVER! PGR4 is all bright, while you can't see GT5P at all. I don't get the point of that post, is it to compare? He failed soooo miserably. I could do it better with my camera phone if you gave me GT5P and 2 minutes!

TheIneffableBob3863d ago

It's the game's HDR. Polyphony decided to really overdo the HDR to make it more "realistic", but I find it detrimental to gameplay since, well, it's hard to see when everything is dark. I often find myself bumping into cars because of the extreme contrast when I play Gran Turismo 5: Prolgue.

resistance1003863d ago

You serious? What track do you find these problems?

I owned the jap version from December to just last week, and never had lighting problems, not even on the london track where alot of it is in the shade.

DarkArcani3863d ago

Thats what you get when you use GI and HDR. The lighting in GT5 is insane.

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FirstknighT3863d ago

Horrible screenshots. Most of those shots were taking with low lighting. But either way it's pretty amazing that an year old PGR4 game can match the graphics of the mighty GT5. I'm sure if the PGR4 team had the same manpower, big budget, and looooooong development time of GT5 that they could of easily surpassed GT5's graphics.

mighty_douche3863d ago

"easily surpassed GT5's graphics" doubtful, and if possible theyd be able to fit about a 5th the amount of cars on the disc as GT.

resistance1003863d ago

Well considering GT5 is still a year away, shouldn't you be saying its comparable with the Prologue not the full game?

And as for comparing the photo's yer PGR looks good, but the level or detail and lighting in the cars are far behind Gt5:P imo. However the track looks great in PGR4

Blademask3863d ago (Edited 3863d ago )

What part of the game is it matching FirstKnight? A model for a building? What about the Cars, lighting of cars, interiors of cars, physics of cars?

We aren't watching a special FX movie, its a game. GT5p is the better game. GT5p looks photo realistic, PGR4 doesn't, in the least. You can keep pretending it does all you want, no one else is that stupid.

"buh buh if they had more time" They dont have more time, because no one is going to budget PGR4 more time, because the entire series is a flop. GT is the king of driving games on the console for a reason, its not because 1 dev can get Lidar data from a london building then try to pretend its dominate. Its because the cars are AMAZINGLY detailed, which is what CAR ENTHUSIAST care about. Thats why its promoted by Top Gear / Motor Trend/ Citroen/BMW/Subaru because its the best digital showcase of the vehicles.

You guys can enjoy GRID/PGR4 all you like. Other people will be enjoying GRID, *Ferrari Challenge*, *Motorstorm 2* and GT5, new car games that are worth a damn.

You cant even understand that the NON FULL GT5 beats any game ever made graphically. Christ, you are going to have a heart attack when the real game comes out.


resistance1003863d ago

I think you mean GT5, GRID and Ferrari Challege for PS3 owners

sonarus3863d ago

Haha don't mind first knight he's "loyal to the game". lol by game i mean Xbox 360. Considering it is the 2nd PGR game on the 360, i seriously doubt they can "surpass". Also considering they had to make cuts because of disk space lol. Its pretty safe to say the maxed out on that one

FirstknighT3863d ago

Wow you guys get so offended pretty easily. Who's talking about the amount of cars??? We're talking about screenshots here. Not the game's physics Bloodmask. Take a chill pill Bloodmask because your losing it again. This is not about GT5 vs PRG4. It's about the London Enviroment in these screenshots. Please try to stay on topic.

The backgrounds in these screenshots look pretty much exact. Some look better on PGR4 and some look better on GT.


etownone3863d ago

up until now, i didn't realize PGR4 can be compared to what is being considered best visuals for a racing game ever, GT5, and still hold up very good next to it.

You get any gamer from the street that dont know about fps and 720/1080p and they wouldn't be finding much difference just by comparing these screenshots.

i agree with firstnight, if they did have the budget, manpower, and the YEARS to develop, i'm sure they could surpass GT5 in the visuals department.

ruibing3863d ago

Actually Polyphony Digital has about 110 employees, while Bizarre Creations has 165.

sonarus3863d ago (Edited 3863d ago )

No this isn't about tracks it is a full PGR4 vs GT5 visual comparison. They are simply placed under the same conditions.

GT5 looks better than PGR4 and no matter how you try to twist it and turn it GT5 is the best looking racing game this generation has seen.

@etowone NO they couldn't match even if they tried.
1. 360 had a 1 yr head start so ps3 should be a yr behind in just about every aspect of game development but polyphony(as well as most ps3 developers beat the odds).
2. That is their 2nd 360 game. They had a second chance 2 yrs later to tackle everything they wanted to do. So it is safe to say they gave it their best effort(we prob will never know since they won't be making the game anymore).
3. They ran into limitations with disk space already due to the high poly's and wat not.

GT5 achieves better visuals, more cars on screen, higher resolution, higher frame rate so like i said no matter how you try to twist it, GT5 is the best looking racing game this generation has seen.

You PS3 haters are just silly. I have heard so many excuses for GT5.
1st it was oh GT5 can never look as good as GTHD because there is only one car on the track. Then there was the silly forza vs GT5 comparison some idiot did under terrible conditions to make it seem like forza and GT5 looked the same.

I mean just let this one go. Just let us ps3 owners have this one in peace. Stop behaving like kids and give credit where it is due. This isn't some miracle of sony this is the result of intense dedication by the fine individuals currently working at polyphony digital. You can hate ps3 all you want but at least let the developers have their credit

Blademask3863d ago (Edited 3863d ago )

If you were truly just talking about the london track, you wouldn't have spread fud about "oh hey hey hey, pretty amazing that an year old PGR4 game can match the graphics of the M I G H T Y GT5" So you are talking about Just the Track? As if its a Track Simulator?

Its so sad and pathetic that you actually ACTUALLY believe that if you can make an argument that 1 small insignificant detail --that has nothing at all to do with gameplay because you wont be focused on it at all-- looks better on PGR4, then it means AH HA! PGR4 is on the SAME LEVEL as GT5! I mean I'm starting to think that being an xbox pundit is a disease that affects your brain. PGR4 looks great, however its nothing compared to what Polyphony has achieved with their Demo.

Wake me up when any 360 game looks like GT5 and runs in any HD resolution.

Bubble Buddy3863d ago

"Take a chill pill Bloodmask" : Who needs the comedy channel, this is just as good lmfao, and yes, GT5P for the win.

JasonXE3863d ago (Edited 3863d ago )

they both look great.

IntelligentAj3863d ago

You guys do realize that still shots do neither game justice right? I don't understand why people are so content to compare still shots as irrefutable evidence of their point.

Glad to be a gamer3863d ago (Edited 3863d ago )

@first knight I have pgr4 and its a beautiful game but anyone with eyes can see that Gt5 looks almost real. Graphically Gt5 is a bar above but that is not the only thing that counts toward making a great game.

There is also the fact that Pgr4 sacrificed some graphical flair to include weather which no other console game has.It also has a damge model to some degree. There is also the custom paint jobs you can apply.

I suppose it comes down to what you want from a game. Im hoping Gt5 delivers on all aspects that make a great game but as of now the online racing is bare bones and slow to load cp to other franchises, there is no damage ,no weather affects and the racing model although hopefully better than previous versions has alot to live up to with forza 2's physic model.

I haven't played prologue yet but from the replays ive seen so far the racing seems a bit boring and lacks a sense of speed. Which for me was the problem with previous GT's(owned them all) that unless u kit up the non racing cars they feel to slow.

Also as far as the no of cars whats the point in putting in loads of cars but 1/2 of them are crap and 1/3 are slighlty diff models of the same car.

Can Anyone that owns the game actually fill me in on what its like to drive in gt5p cp to forza 2?

sonarus3863d ago

good point glad. There is the weather systems sacrifice as well. I hope GT5 includes weather as well as damage too as it can variate the gameplay.

As for GT5P having same cars but slightly different models, it still has more cars with the original models plus there are the wierd cars like the nike car then there is the new f1 car. So GT5 has pretty much every game beat in the car variety dept.

As for GT5, i don't feel it lacks a sense of speed though. Maybe its something you have to play. I would say the sense of speed is about equal with forza. I will play forza again today to confirm

Martini3863d ago

In the same time (or less actually) it takes to make GT 5 prologue , bizzare made 2 games (PGR 3 and PGR 4) the environments look more or less the same, cars look better on the GT 5 p no doubt thanks to the extra resolution. ps3 fans better be glad somebody has the nerves and money to spend a half a decade to make 1 friggin game.

Zool 083862d ago (Edited 3862d ago )

The 360 is begiinig to show it's limitations (97% to be precise) so even if they had more time (they were 2 years ahead) then there would have been a slight improvement rather than a graphic overhaul.

The PS3 on the otherhand is just getting warmed up.

And it show's with this comparison.

Richdad3862d ago

Disc issue a are only for open world game PGR4 and GT5 both are level based games so you dont have to worry abt disc swapping and also the tecnology MS has on data compresssion on DV9 is great its showing I mean Oblivion and Gta 4 took more than 30 GB on PS3 whereas they fit on DVD 9 for 360 without any issues.
But the main problem is would Bizzare doing PGR5, also Bizzare spoiled PGR4 lightining if you have seen the earlier screens which looked ultarealistic due to shadows but Bizzzre for unknown reason ( may be the split up issue spoilt shadows and light tracing ( it was less than PGR3) although the game still looks great but it would have been much better if the matter is settled down they can get it better on 720p and 30Fps, I mean graphics matter to me if you can get better visual fidelity by not going for superfical performance it doesnt matters.

Yeah so there could be a posssiblity of PGr5 being better since PGR4 was spoilt to some extent by devs, but if PGR5 does things right they could do much much better than PGR4.

Glad to be a gamer3862d ago

Yeah very good point. Resistance takes up 22 gb of a 25gb blueray. Crysis/gears on the other hand fitted onto dvd .

This is because Sony use an old MPEG 4 vidoe codec to compress the video and sound infact it is half as effective as those used for pc and 360 games.

They use this older codec because of the slow read times for br meaning the data on the disc cannot be fully compressed otherwise it would delay the read times even more. They also repeat textures on the br games to speed up the read times futher

This combined with the memory restrictions for both consoles(at the mo ps3 is more hampered due to the os) means i doubt we will see either eclipse the other except for exc like gt5 where the dev have more money and time than most dev to produce a superior product.

zaything3862d ago

Better Compression means smaller size on disk means reads faster to pull off of a dvd or bluray, and the cell is very hand at decompression. Compression would not slow down getting data off the disk.

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doodle3863d ago

not only does GT5P looks miles better than FUUURZA/CARTOON GR4 it runs at a rez which only X720P could run at

Both Fuurza/pgr4 ran at 720p at 30 fps and still looked crap

Homicide3863d ago

Wow, you lost your bubbles already. Time to make a new account schmee/TANOD/RIPHDDVD/nasim/za mbrota/Larry007 :P