Klonoa: Door to Phantomile jumping on PS Store

Don't tell me you never heard of Klonoa! Well this game is really similar to that pink cute monster called Kirby if you ever played that before. The title is a side-scrolling action type game with a Pseudo-3D appearance.

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MrWonderful3860d ago

i will buy this as i played it back in the day and enjoyed it

Hapimeses3860d ago

Yup, me too. My wife and daughter love the game (and the sequal) as well, so it'll be a first day buy for us.


UltramanJ3860d ago

...we get some of Playstation's better, less mainstream games. We need less Jet Moto type crap and more games like Klonoa. When will the US get Rtype Delta? We also need Silent Bomber and Strider 2.

Luca Blight3860d ago

and a bubble just for mentioned Strider 2!

DethWish3860d ago

This game is awesomeness!! I'll buy.

BlackIceJoe3859d ago

Klonoa is a great game and I think this is a series Namco should make more of. I really enjoyed the first one not so much the second but I would love to see what Namco could do with either a Wii only game or a PS3/360 game. This series should not be dead so I hope there will be a new Klonoa some day.