Media: Cammy's HD Remix Character Select Portrait

Sorry, loves, but only one picture today, but it's a doozy. Straight from Udon, it's the Super Street Fighter II Turbo HD Remix character-select portrait of that blonde British bombshell with a backhand, Cammy.

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PlayStation3603858d ago

Delta Red Cammy more than Shadaloo Cammy. Can't wait to download this game.

bakasora3858d ago

I still prefer the old Cammy Portrait.

Yi-Long3858d ago

... although her sprite for this new game sucked.

I like the character-select screen art. I am just disappointed that they havent gone 100% with the remake, and didnt add new frames to the (choppy) animation, and didnt improve the pretty bland looking backgrounds. Yeah it's HD, but it's just boring.

I'm more excited now about how the new King of Fighters will look, while I'm more a SF-fan than a KOF fan. That's kinda sad, that Capcom just didnt go all out with this title.

akumous3857d ago

Totally agree with you, the game looks better in still than in motion...They should have added more frames of animation because it does look choppy in motion. I am not going to get it, actually I am reserving my cash for King of Fighters 12...Dragon ballz Burst limit is just a rehash of the old Budokai series; Sf4 isn't..the game I thought it would be...

VTKC3855d ago

Cammy looks strange in that portrait. her eye looks too far away from her nose.

adding frames would mean this game would not be true to the original. There would be extra frames so timing of execution of moves and recovery time would be longer, fans are not going to be happy about that. It suppose to be a remake, not a new game entirely.