Fantasia: Music Evolved Is New Xbox One Dance Game From Harmonix And Disney

Disney Interactive have just announced a new dance game for Xbox One and Kinect on 360 — Fantasia: Music Evolved. It combines beat-matching game-play with explorable worlds inspired by Disney’s Fantasia film and is being developed by Harmonix.

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majiebeast3584d ago (Edited 3584d ago )

How about we make a Disney Fantasia game trailer without the music and instead use Bruno Mars and dubstep /facepalm. What a way to ruin the name of a classic movie.

JokesOnYou3584d ago

lol, they got to be trolling us just before E3.

WeAreLegion3584d ago

Come on... This is a joke, right?

CalibriSerif3584d ago

another crap microsh!t. everyday you are making it harder for all your fans to like you.

Starbucks_Fan3584d ago

Bruno Mars and dubstep DOES NOT mix with ****ing Fantasia.

I hate this music industry.

ComBaTs0uL3584d ago

Calibriserif. Whats this got to do with Microsoft? They ain't making the game.
This forum needs a clean up seriously.

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