Fantasia: Music Evolved Is New Xbox One Dance Game From Harmonix And Disney

Disney Interactive have just announced a new dance game for Xbox One and Kinect on 360 — Fantasia: Music Evolved. It combines beat-matching game-play with explorable worlds inspired by Disney’s Fantasia film and is being developed by Harmonix.

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majiebeast4035d ago (Edited 4035d ago )

How about we make a Disney Fantasia game trailer without the music and instead use Bruno Mars and dubstep /facepalm. What a way to ruin the name of a classic movie.

JokesOnYou4034d ago

lol, they got to be trolling us just before E3.

WeAreLegion4034d ago

Come on... This is a joke, right?

CalibriSerif4034d ago

another crap microsh!t. everyday you are making it harder for all your fans to like you.

Starbucks_Fan4034d ago

Bruno Mars and dubstep DOES NOT mix with ****ing Fantasia.

I hate this music industry.

ComBaTs0uL4034d ago

Calibriserif. Whats this got to do with Microsoft? They ain't making the game.
This forum needs a clean up seriously.

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Why CoD Black Ops 6’s New Omnidirectional Movement is Bound to Fail

When we saw the reveal of the new “Omnidirectional” movement mechanic during the Black Ops 6 showcase, it seemed like another advance that would be reverted.

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boing136m ago

Bollocks. People will love it.


Capcom's Old Game Engine Seemingly To Blame For Certain Releases Skipping Xbox

“Capcom has no pipeline for porting older MT Framework titles to Xbox's modern ERA system, which makes it more expensive to deliver the same titles than it would porting them to PlayStation 4, Switch, or PC.”

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Valkyrye14h ago

Phase 1 Denial
Phase 2 Excuse making
Phase 3 Indifference

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darthv729h ago

did MS just stop supporting MT framework all together? I get that its not supported for Series (same with PS5) but the PS4 and XBO supported it. So, its just odd that there is a PS4 version (which would subsequently run on PS5 via BC) but not an XBO to do the same.

Unless there was some update applied to both XBO/Series that no longer make it compatible and only existing titles are it. I'm getting it for Switch anyways so I'm good. I have the other collections on there and I like to keep things together.

ZlorkunLovesFishing8h ago(Edited 8h ago)

Xbox one moved from XDK to GDK (same SDK used for Xbox series). PS4 didn’t change.

MT was an XDK engine. Capcom would need to port it.

But fanboys will try to convince you it’s just because capcom doesn’t want to release games on xbox despite their next big game coming to gamepass day 1…

Elda1h ago(Edited 1h ago)

Again....Capcom's game that's coming to Gamepass next month is not a "Big" game, one of the very reasons it's releasing on Gamepass day one. It's a new ip, an i.p. that Capcom doesn't know if it's going to sell well another reason why it's on Gamepass. Capcom's next "Big" game is Monster Hunter Wild & that's not coming to Gamepass.


OMG - The PUBG x NewJeans crossover event launches on console

The global K-pop sensation NewJeans are definitely not Super Shy as they’re front and centre for the latest themed event in PUBG: BATTLEGROUNDS.

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