Injustice: Gods Among Us Scorpion Gameplay (Is He FREE?)

From AnalogHype.com "Mortal Kombat has arrived in a DC Universe. So here’s the deal: I’ve been railing on Nether Realm Studios for weeks ever since it leaked that Scorpion was being added to Injustice: Gods Among Us. It wasn’t so much that I was opposed to a non-DC Comics character being in a DC Comics game, but the fact that he was supposedly being added as part of the Season Pass at the expense of an actual DC Comics character."

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Sam Fisher4008d ago

Its cute, not great. I am sorry but i love mk, dont disrespect skorpion like this nr, his outfit looks mediocre at best, just hurry up on the next mk we are all waiting for the sequel to the story

Boody-Bandit4008d ago

yeah this is disrespectful. Look and plays nothing like Scorpion. Injustice is an okay game (if you pick it up cheap or rent) but it lacks teeth that makes the MK series so brutally epic.

JohnApocalypse4008d ago

I checked on Xbox.com and the Doomsday skin is over 150mb


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