Soul Calibur IV new character

Heres a pictures of the new character of Soul Calibur IV.

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SUP3R3862d ago

She looks like the alternative to Link since he's gone.
Me likey ^_^

InMyOpinion3862d ago

What's up with her tits? They are not super-huge! No slutty outfit either? I like it.

Fox013862d ago

that'll be corrected in Soul Calibur VI or VI don't worry

StarieMichie3862d ago

She looks really cool!

When did SC get elves though?

SUP3R3862d ago

Soul Calibur III on Gamecube...

StarieMichie3862d ago

You mean Link? He's just a guest character, and doesn't count.

I try to not add in the guest characters when I think about SC, because they are more there for fanservice than story.

Besides, I always buy the Playstation version because the controller is better for fighting games. So Link really doesn't come to mind. :p

kapedkrusader3862d ago

This could be an example, so I'll wait for an official release.

StarieMichie3861d ago

Looks pretty detailed for a CAC, but if that is the case, them I'm really looking forward to seeing what can be made this time around!