Microsoft, Nintendo, Sony Disagree On Demos For Downloadable Games

Over the last few weeks MTV Multiplayer has been asking top people at Microsoft, Nintendo and Sony about game demos for the downloadable games offered via Xbox Live Arcade, WiiWare and PlayStation Network.

MTV Multiplayer can't get the same answer twice.

Short version of this post:
- Microsoft: yes, demos are a must
- Nintendo: no, demos are not required
- Sony: sometimes demos are good, sometimes bad

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InMyOpinion3863d ago

The more demos the better =)

I have been convinced to buy many games purely from trying demos.

kevoncox3863d ago

MS has gotten alot of things right with their online.
I realize that PVP vs. Dedicated servers is a 2 edges sword but...
outside of that.... MS having demos for everything is amazing. I don't understand how Sony and Nintendo can say otherwise. How can I know if I like the game without trying it myself?

ruibing3863d ago

It's a double-edged sword. It depends on how well the demo represents the full game. Demos have made me purchase PSN games a couple of times, but they have also turned me away a couple of times as well.

Death3863d ago

Dedicated servers are not always better. Once you hit a devs servers, who is to say they do not set you up on a peer to peer basis? I think most people are under the illusion that PSN is better because it is free and you play on dedciated servers. I don't think these so called dedicated servers are any different then the dedicated Live servers that are used for matchmaking. We all know some games on PS3 play on dedicated servers, but the ability for devs to allocate their own dedicated servers over Live also exists, it just isn't justified in many cases. As an example, I remember playing on dedicated servers in Halo2 for quite some time.

The differance between PSN and Live is Live servers give you access to content like PSN, but they also set up games and track stats. You are never leaving Live's network. When you play online with the PS3, you can access PSN for their downloadable content or you can start a game and jump on the devs servers instead. I believe this is why Sony has not given us in game XMB access or friends requests while in game-cross game. You can only be on one network at a time. If I had to huess, Home will be a program that is used to try and tie it all together.


JasonXE3863d ago

there first party games have dedicated servers and the rest don't except for maybe 1 or 2.

Bubble Buddy3863d ago

Aha, everyone disagreed. But Microsoft is right here, with the price of games these days, we need to have a little taste of the game, whether it'd be sweet or sour.

barom3863d ago

Dedicated servers are ALWAYS better, they are way more stable as you can see with Resistance: Fall of Man it can hold 40 players and be lag free. And apparently Resistance 2 is suppose to hold 60 players lag free. The dedicated servers you're talking about is not dedicated servers. A dedicated server is a server dedicated to that particular game (hence the name).

It's true though that Xbox Live can hold dedicated servers and Frontlines is proof of that. But the difference here is, that you pay for Xbox Live. There is actually no reason for MS to take your money. Everything Xbox Live does is automatic and programmed. And to top it off, they put ads on XLive. They SHOULD be putting up dedicated servers for all the money they get.

Though it's true that not all PS3 games uses dedicated servers. As some COD4 developer explained (and if I understood it right). The real difference between COD4's online is that Xbox Live uses P2P and shares information between the players, in a sense everyone playing is a part of the server. While the PS3 version will set up one random person as the server and everyone else connects to this person's PS3. And I would believe most games.

What's better and wutnot is up to each person really. On PS3 if the host leaves, the game will end (this won't happen on XLive). On XLive one person laggs and everyone laggs (this won't happen on PS3, only that one person will lagg unless its the host). But both works most of the time.

Death3862d ago

You are describing how Live works. The player with the best connection is the one that actually hosts the game. The service is smart enough to switch between hosts to find a better connection. It's a very cool system. Lag on Live should be no different then lag on PSN, if your connection sucks, it sucks. A dedicated server doesn't help your lag and can make it worse. A simple example would be a one on one game. There is less packet loss if the connection is between 2 people. If you add a server, you not only have a third branch, you also need to transmit redundant data. This isn't to say that Resistance doesn't benefit from servers. By having a dedicated server you can increase the amount of players in the game. It's not as simple as people believe.


c-redz3862d ago

most of you people are blinded.. if a game sucks you really think more people are going to buy it if you put out a demo. thats the direction i think sony was going not in its a bad way for people but for companys

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TheHater3863d ago

I have to agree with MS. Demos are a must because of this generation and the price of games.

sonarus3863d ago

going with msoft on this one. IMO all games should have demos. Games are expensive and nothing more annoying than putting your faith in a game only to be dissapointed 10mins into the gameplay. Lair, kane and lynch e.t.c. Reviews are nice but i like to form my own opinion. Demos for all games.
I would have preferred for a demo of AC at least i could have had an idea of the crap that i was in for. I am glad i got a demo for burnout. Was a long time burnout fan but imo burnout is about 2 player split screen racing with friends. Once they took that out my interest was pretty much gone

eagle213863d ago (Edited 3863d ago )

buggy, uninspired, old build demos will tarnish sales. The demo must portray the final build of the game or a "taste" of it. Anything that does not do the final build justice is a waste of time. :)

kevoncox3863d ago

How could you be...You're a gamer not a developer.
You want the best product. This isn't about regular games this is about Arcade and PSN titles. Right now Psn titles are a complete shot in the dark. You have to hope they are good and worth it. WTF is this 1992?

toughNAME3863d ago

I was interested in Turning Point, I wasn't sure about Bioshock

There's your answer

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