Dark Sector Interview: Digital Extremes

PSX Extreme talks to Project Lead for Dark Sector, Steve Sinclair, and this yields a VERY interesting interview. Topics of conversation include the Glaive, differences between the PS3 and Xbox 360 versions (virtually nil from a gamer's standpoint), PS3 Entitlements and more!

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Vicophine3951d ago

I can't wait for this game, I'll try to pick up my preordered copy on Wednesday. (PS3 version for me).

Lord Vader3951d ago

I'm going 360 due to MP differences, but yeah, can't wait either !

Vicophine3951d ago

MP differences? Like what?

Well I only have a PS3 so..uhh yeah. =D

Lord Vader3951d ago (Edited 3951d ago )

supposedly more modes on MP... no biggie...

I originally wanted it for PS3, but i have alot of xbl friends that want to play the mp & r getting it b/c it's like Gears....

Both versions are gonna be great. I just hope it runs as smooth as it looks on vids.


Sevir043951d ago

it seems though from what i gleamed from the interview is that Sony's achevement system was given out but in typical sony fashion, time was on dev side to properly diversify, It's good know though that the game supports home already wityh the entitle ment, I guess Capcom and Sega have gotten early Home Kits as well because both DMC4 and Lost Planet on PS3 have achievements and So does Condemned 2.

cool stuff, Sony is getting on the ball and thats a good thing.

PS3 version for me