God of War: Chains of Olympus Limited Edition PSP Box Art

Sony Computer Entertainment America (SCEA) released the box shot of the upcoming God of War PSP (PlayStation Portable) Entertainment Pack. Look for this PSP bundle in June 2008.

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iheartSONY3858d ago

I MUST have this PSP bundle. way better than the Jak & Dax and the Star Wars bundle. Must save money or steal money from a cash register at work!

Silellak3858d ago

This game is amazing. I bought it Saturday and have had trouble putting my PSP down since.

This is my first God of War game, though I've played bits and pieces of the other two and watched my roommates play them.

Beat it once on hard, beat the unlockable challenges, now playing again on Very Hard (only unlocked after 1st playthrough). I rarely play an action game this much. Once through on normal is usually enough for me.

Screw all the haters who say it's too short.

Erethond3858d ago

Would have been nice if the bundle came out with the release of the game.

meepmoopmeep3858d ago

yeah, i agree. should have come out the same time.
looks like i'm trading in my silver one for this one.