Rainbow Six Vegas 2 Ships One Million Units in U.S.

GameDaily reports: "The latest in Ubisoft's popular Rainbow Six shooter franchise, Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Vegas 2, has already shipped over one million units in the U.S., according to the most recent investor research note on the publisher from Wedbush Morgan Securities' Michael Pachter.

The game hit store shelves only one week ago and has been garnering positive reviews (over 83% on, including a solid 8-out-of-10 from GameDaily".

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mighty_douche4493d ago

I'm not surprised, it's a really fun game and terrorist hunt is bastard hard! Graphically it's pretty damn weak.

Still, it's gameplay over graphics here and thats what matters!

LSDARBY4493d ago

I think the graphics are pretty good, nothing special but i wouldnt say theyre week. Online sucks though sort it out Ubi.

General Pinky4493d ago

Joking guys...LOL..
but it is good news..cos the first one was hard game for me...i finish the game in Legend Mode
it was sweet for 2 months then everyone finish it in same mode as me..
but when i get some money i will buy it after the ace combant