Kutaragi on whether PS3 will outsell 360 and Wii

SCE boss Ken Kutaragi has always been a bit outspoken, but even Sony's new, officially sanctioned Three Speech blog was a bit taken aback by his latest outburst - when quizzed about whether PlayStation 3 would outsell Xbox 360 and Wii, he simply said, "We don't care."

The blog picks it up: "We spoke to Sony about this response, as it seemed a pretty ballsy statement to make, especially in light of how they're being perceived (arrogant, out of touch, losing the battle etc.) by press and consumers alike at the moment.

"They told us that what Ken will have meant is that, while they have a great deal of respect for the 'competition', they have always worked to their own business plan. In essence, regardless of what anyone else does, they'll be sticking to their original plan where PS3 is concerned and won't be changing things, just because company A does this, or company B does that."

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Adversary5893d ago

I seriously don't get it. Sony's obviously slipping in the PR department, the media is trashing them, and average-joe-gamer is pissed. Then Ken blows it all off like it's nothing. I think he's telling the truth. He really doesn't care. The PS3 better be as hot-$hit as I think it's going to be.

12Volt5893d ago

If you invested all the funds, development, partnerships, and latests technologies to design an 18 pound electronic device that satisfied your power hungry creative intelligence... at the end of the day, I'd be KK, and I wouldnt give a shizzle what anybody said about my product either. I guess I'm an arrogant bastard too...

Thats my two cents, and after placing myself in his shoes.. i can see where he's coming from.

12Volt5893d ago

Unholy T-Bag did I just say that? Shoot me.

shotty5893d ago

I think Howard Stinger and the other Sony boys gave a run down to Ken and his playstation friends. What sony built is not ready for mass market. It's too expensive considering the competition and with the xbox 360 offering the samething but for $200 less.

Adversary5893d ago

One has less features than the other, and to completely compensate for the discrepencies would actually end up costing MS customers MORE than Sony's. They're not even using the same programming paradigm. Where the hell have you been?