Your custom sountracks in backwards compatible games

According to Xbox 360 Fanboy, since the update you can now listen to your own custom soundtracks in any backwards compatible Xbox 1 game the same way as in 360 games. Just set up the music you want, then boot up the Xbox 1 game and it will continue to play. You won't be able to control it though, so set the volume, playlist and shuffle before you go into the game.

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CrizzleC246553d ago

I'll believe it when I hear sombody else did it

RealDoubleJ6553d ago

1st of all, I only own 4 xbox1 games so this isn't the most thorough test. I tested all of the games to Alice Cooper's 'Brutal Planet' album (a great album to stomp ass with) and got some weird results.

Halo 1: Boots up playing the music but as soon as I press any button the game music takes over. Restarted, tried again with letting it load all the credits, on the title screen it struggled to play the title music and alice cooper at the same time so i instantly booted out. So Halo 1 seemingly a no-no.

Halo 2: Music instantly shuts down as soon as the Bungie logo flashes up. No go there.

Fable (original, not lost chapters): this was weird. It wouldn't let me skip the intro but it played the music fine UNTIL I wanted to load up my save file. So another no no.

House of The Dead 3: Last game, and already i was dismissing this as futile. But guess what? Worked perfectly with my music and made zombie brains splattered against the walls oh so much sweeter with Alice crooning "Wicked Young Man" in the background.

Analysis: Seems to depend on the actual game itself. I don't know if this is a glitch on the ability of the music player to be able to still run when swapping functions around but it's something for 360 owners to experiment with....if they dare. What's interesting, the MS-produced games switched off the track and when i booted back to the dashboard the music player skipped to the next track. However, booting out of HOTD3 during mid-game, it stayed with the track i was listening to seamlessly. Weird....

RealDoubleJ6553d ago

remember to turn off the in-game music if you managed to get it to work. There is that problem...

RealDoubleJ6553d ago

if you have a remote. The functions still work, so it is possible to pause the music, load the game, then start the music once your game is in flow and not going to be cut off. Now hopefully, there'll be a dashboard available for xbox1 games with the fall update....

Majunior6553d ago

im guna experiment with halo 2 online to c if i can get it to run smooth while i play online matches..that would b sick!



i was listening to metallica yesterday while playing halo 2. this worked REALLY smoothly (especially with the media remote, as thats the only way to jump forward and backwards on your playlist!)

just cue up some tracks and load a game, it will keep playing.


Schmitty076553d ago

I've been doing this with Halo 2 online for the past cou[le days, and everything works fine. I just plug in my ipod, and shuffle songs and use my media remote to change songs

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rpad1d 7h ago

hopefully the Xena board has lots of yodeling sounds


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