Sony: PSP Portable Copy Not Coming with FW 2.20

SCEA contacted kotaku today to let them know they were right to doubt, the Playstation 3's firmware 2.20 update will not include Portable Copy support, despite reports to the contrary.

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decapitator4491d ago

Well that sucks but nothing major. Hope they include it in a future FW update. However am still interested to see what easter eggs are in there.

Lord Anubis4491d ago

shame i missed the previous articles but there will be lower res copies of the movies based on studios decisions. Sony and Fox will be the first to have an extra st copy to download to the psp.

decapitator4491d ago

It will come..this just wasn't that time.

whoelse4491d ago

Oh poo! Damn you PC!

TriggerHappy4491d ago

Its not the end of the world...We will see.