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wishingW3L3038d ago

I hope this is for real. ;)

shutUpAndTakeMyMoney3038d ago (Edited 3038d ago )

Yes next gen!!!!! I love Deus EX!!!! Poor wiiU....

torchic3038d ago

Human Revolution is coming to Wii U so I'd assume The Fall will follow suit at a later date to the release on the other consoles

3038d ago
MasterCornholio3038d ago

Well if Nintendo fans want the next Deux Ex on their console they have to buy the Wii U port that's coming out this year because if they don't the developer won't release this one on the Wii U.

Come on Nintendo fans it's time to prove 3rd parties wrong by buying their games.

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Relientk773038d ago

Talk about a teaser, only 7 seconds lol, can't wait to see some gameplay

Murad3038d ago

Same. But I'm just glad they showed us some type of proof that it is coming out in the near future.

Mr_Nuts3038d ago (Edited 3038d ago )

Did I just hear Bob Page?

Th could be set after Deus Ex Human Revolution <Spoilers> since he popped up in the end with Megan which seemed to imply that she was the reason the events in the original game took place because she was the one who helped bring the nano tec (The D Project) into the world

Maybe this game will expand on whether or not the nanite-virus chimera is actually the Gray Death. I wonder if Megan knows what she's getting her self into

I'm guessing were getting a prequel trilogy then with Adam Jensen and the final game with show you how the events we see in the first Deus Ex game actually happened

TheOneWhoIsTornApart3038d ago

That sounds awesome. Nothing more I can say lol.

DaThreats3038d ago

I expect the PS4 version to be superior due to its superior hardware.

Plagasx3038d ago (Edited 3038d ago )

Woah woah, this is a multi plat game we're talking about here..

Don't really expect differences in graphics...

ApexHell3038d ago

as an android you should already know dr gero will build the superior version on pc.

-Gespenst-3038d ago

Hmmmm, it just seems too similar to HR. I'm pretty sure that music is from HR. I don't think it's a new game...

elhebbo163038d ago

we havent even seen gameplay yet.

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