Every PSone game in PS3 Store?

Sony aims to release every single PSone game there is through its online PlayStation Store, Phil Harrison said at the Sony Gamer's Day event last night.

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unleash bass5887d ago (Edited 5887d ago )

I don't really see the point in this. Why would someone buy a state of the art machine, then play PS1 games on it? Yeah, they were great at the time but, who is going to play Gran Turrismo 1, when you could play GT-HD with everything being so much better. O.K. maybe there's a couple of PS2 titles that maybe worth playing again, at least until a sequel comes out.
On the whole I think it's a bit of a waste, they should concentrate on giving us new gamming experiences, not re-selling us old crap!

The same thing applies to 360. DIGDUG & PACMAN Boo! we want Gears of war, Halo3 etc...

Bebedora5887d ago (Edited 5887d ago )

You just dont get it. Slapping the [email protected] out of sephirot in FFVII on a HDTV with MIDI music on my $1000 stereo is the s*** :)

Anyways, it's ok to have. Not to complain if they are downloadable for free. Which seems not to be the case. Bad move for all if too pricey.

specialguest5887d ago

there are lots of PS1 games i would like to play again. there are some old games i will avoid because it just looks and feels so dated. other games like Tetris Plus and SFpuzzle were some of my favorites and i would still play it today.

CAPS LOCK5887d ago

its about choice as u 360 fanboys say. i do want to play some great ps1 games that i have missed like, most of the final fantasy games and som of the mortal kombat games. but i do hope they dont charge alot for them.

unleash bass5887d ago

Choice is good, I can't argue with that. But I've played a few of these old games on XBLIVE and MAME etc, for I supose nostalgia, but after about five mins I'm bored. The GFX are poor, game play is poor, the controls are un-responsive and they make no attempt to update them. I find that you remember them being far better than they actually are, possibly because things have moved on so much since.

NB: This doesn't apply to all, some old games are great. I'm generalising.

crazyman5887d ago (Edited 5887d ago )

sounds like a good idea I do like some of the PS1 games like the original bandicoot but of the price of the download u could probaly buy a ps1 and the game (although theyre hard to find)

Siesser5887d ago (Edited 5887d ago )

Most of the ones I want are expensive. Try tracking down a copy of Bust a Groove or Tomba! 2 or Ehrgeiz

Nodoze5887d ago

Did I read this correctly? There are no visual enhancements to older games? The 360 applies anti aliasing to the older games which makes them look quite nice. The PS2 was always in DIRE need of some AA.

I was thinking about picking up a PS3 for access to back catalog of PS2 games (and some future games), but if there is no enhancement at all to older titles...why bother.

PS360WII5887d ago

Well first off it's a good thing. Having downloadable games are a key component to this generation of consoles. Yet, I really doubt these will be free which 1.1 says maybe like 5 or 10 dollars. The down size of this is just the sheer volume of games that have no purpose showing it's head to the public again. PS1 had some killer games, but they also had alot of horrible games. So to have the whole ps1 library on the ps3 I just don't see the point. They have records they know which game reviewed better and they have lists of games people want to see again. Release them and leave the others to the curb.

kmis875887d ago

Yeah, all the consoles usually have a massive amount of games that would best be left forgotten. I'd like it if only the better, or more popular games were downloadable, because there are some like Chrono Chross and Vagrant Story that I would love to get to play after missing them 10 years ago in the fifth generation.

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