Fallout 3 Will Have Over 200 Endings, You Will Never Have a Life Again

Destructoid writes:

Okay, I've played games with two, four, even six or eight endings. That's fine, it's kind of fun to see them all, especially the "easter egg" endings like in Silent Hill where the UFO comes. There comes a point where enough is enough though...right?

Bethesda's Todd Howard recently did the official Xbox podcast and talked about Fallout 3, and revealed somenew tidbits, including the boggling new number of endings available.

Note: To listen to full podcast 'KOXM Episode 107' please visit alternative source.

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sonarus3863d ago

usually with games like this i will probably only play thru once then go online and scope the other endings. I am sure this game will be great. heck could be greater than mgs but i never played the original so hard for me to get excited

The Closing3863d ago

I meant to disagree, but this site is funky sometimes. No way will it be better than mgs, but it will be amazing no doubt.

Sevir043863d ago


Im sorry bethesda, but i'll prolly only play this game once, no matter how good your game is i cant devote 3 million hours to beating it over and over to see altrenet endings, after 2 or 3 goes and thats with action adventure games thats enough, beating RPGs over for different ending requires all sorts of hogwash insignificant sidequest that really i cant be botherd with...

i'll play the game, even buy it and beat it but they can keep the other 199 endings the first one is sufficient enough for me, it's an RPG for crying out loud.

for the achievenment junkies This is your game. ^^ have fun bleeding your eyes out over hours of 200 endings just to get the last 10 achievemnt points/Home trophies... i'll beat it once and i'll be glad i did.

IntelligentAj3863d ago

Are you supposed to play through the game to see all the endings? I know Star Ocean 2 had what 50-60(maybe more) ending depending on the private actions you took but I only saw maybe 5 if that. Is this really necessary? As long as it doesn't take away from the quality of the title(which better be good).

chaosatom3333863d ago

"The game is finished"
Yesssssssssssssssssssssssssss sssssssss!

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General Pinky3863d ago

that is no go for me mate...just to much..

Kami3863d ago

i think its just ridiculous. 2 or 3, hell even 4 endingd are ok but 200 is just ridiculous. now this game has to have a lot of replay value.

MaximusPaynicus3863d ago

...damn you, Bethesda. I gave you and your damnable Oblivion over 100 hours of my life. Is that not enough?!

doodle3863d ago

However i wont be playing this over WKS /WARDEVIL

a multiplat game doesnt attract me over much bigger WKS/WARDEVIL at 1080p @60 FPS

iceice1233863d ago

You don't even own a PS3, I guess you play at Walmart?

In before you bring up the 360 in a pathetic comeback.

Mr Playboy3863d ago

lol you don't have a PS3. how in h3ll you will play it ??

yeah your sugar [email protected] should bring one


TheMART3863d ago

ahaha doodleliedoo doesn't own a PS3?

Then why is that p*ssy always a damn big fanboy? Reminds me of that DJ guy that was talking if he owned a PS3 already, but in reality he only bought it a lot later.

Funny guys these are, not owning a console, but the biggest fanboys...

BilI Gates3863d ago

I'm confused. How do you guys know he doesn't own a PS3?

thekingofMA3863d ago

i remember the old bill gates was an asshole with 1 bubble...its hilarious that youve GAINED bubbles...

but on topic, since RPG's are so long, how could you possibly ever do this?

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The story is too old to be commented.