10 Reasons Why The Next Generation May Be The Last Console Cycle

GamingBolt: ''For decades now home consoles have been easily defined and categorised into several generations. There are a few notable exceptions of course, most notably Sega’s release of the Dreamcast between generations five and six, a release that saw their dominant run in the game’s console business come to a swift end. This pattern of console generations has been the death of those that dare to stray outside of it, but these generation divides may cease to exist once the Xbox One and PS4 have run their course. Here’s ten important reasons why this may be the case in the future.''

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Bigpappy3584d ago

The only way that would happen is if they all fail to make a profit. All that other crap is worthless speculation.

ltachiUchiha3584d ago

Agreed. That is definitely the only way i can see it turn out.

Why o why3584d ago (Edited 3584d ago )

KMT @ this page of words

Insomnia_843584d ago

Here we go again... ugh!

This articles are a waste of time. With hundreds of millions of people owning a console that offer experiences you can't get nowhere else, there will always be a console in someone's living room. There will always be console gamers, us and the ones to be born.

mrmancs3584d ago (Edited 3584d ago )

Wow can I have that crystal ball... In fact keep it... It obviously doesn't work....

murdock553584d ago

didnt they say this about ps3 and 360? psh i wonder what they will say when ps6 comes around -_-

S2Killinit3584d ago

dont even click on this guys.

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