Mizuguchi defends Lumines Live

Q Entertainment founder Tetsuya Mizuguchi spoke with IGN today to defend his choice to split Lumines Live into four pieces (Basic, Advanced, VS CPU, and Mission / Puzzle pack). He gives two reasons for the division: the 50 MB limit on XBLA title (understandable) and the customizable nature of the game (not understandable). Mizuguchi considers it the business model of the future.

o0o ROZZA o0o6386d ago

I really like this game after playing the trial version. Problem is I think the pricing is a rip off and for that reason I will not be buying this game. Dont fall into the trap. If people dont buy it then it will put an end to these stupid prices.If people do buy it then expect to see a lot more of it. The consmer has the power at the end of the day, make use of it or we will be getting ripped off left right and centre. Its a shame cause the game is excellent.

zerofunction6386d ago

If you dont like the game, dont buy it. Simple as that. While the price is higher then normal XBLA games this should come as no suprise. Games, yes even small ones, are going to cost you. Just buy the XNA tool and make your own games that way you have one reason not to complain.

TheMART6386d ago

So what does the PSP version cost?

calderra6386d ago

Lumines for PSP on Amazon.com costs $20. And it comes with all features (short of the Madonna music video, I guess)

The base- and incomplete- game for XBLA costs $15 in startup costs. Adding in the Advanced mode (still not completing the game) pushes the price to 1800 points or $22.50, so we're already overbudget.

If the other add-on packs all cost 600 points as well, then the XBLA version would eventually cost up to $45.

So the game costs 2.5x as much, and what you're looking at gaining is probably some more skins and the Madonna video that was used to sell the base game from the beginning.

Rip, meet off.

ScorpioKyle6386d ago

yeah, it's 19.99 now. But when i got my PSP originally i paid the full 39.99 for it.

Nodoze6386d ago

1. 'I think that XBOX consumers are naive.'
2. 'I want to make as much money as possible.'

OutLaw6386d ago

If Lumines would have came out on DVD format for the 360 it probably will be anywhere from $39.99 to $49.99. So im not complaining about the price.

Also when the PSP version came out it had a price range of $39.99 so to compare it now to the 360 version is irrelevant.

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banger883d ago

It's 20 years old and we can still play it. Are we going to be able to play Avatar and Star Wars Outlaws in 20 years?


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ravens525d ago

Got to Zacks part in 7 Rebirth. Said f it. Finishing my game in 7 og. Just got to part 2 yesterday. I also got Crisis Core... So it'll be a while before I'm back to Rebirth. I just keep thinking about it too smh, want to get back to playing it. Not till I know Zacks story though. I beat 7 og sooooooo long ago, it's crazy going through it again and remembering things.

MrNinosan5d ago (Edited 5d ago )

Got to Zacks part in Rebirth?
You mean you started the game and turned it off?
The game starts with Zack...

ravens525d ago

... Really 🤓 lol. His second part, I've played for 80hrs lmao. <---- PS5 Run time, probably not all game time. You guys know how it goes.

VIK21215d ago (Edited 5d ago )

Did you not ever play the OG FF7? After you recruit Vincent, later in the game, disc 3, return to that basement and look at the pod, there's a whole Zack story that'll trigger as a memory.... it's well hidden in the game and a lot of things regarding Zack are cleared up. FF7 Crisis Core is basically an extend feature of that hidden flashback... It took me years to discover it back then lol


MrNinosan5d ago

80 hours in Rebirth by doing everything, and you should've reached Zacks story about 5 times 🤣

ravens524d ago

Ye I kno that's y I said not all gameplay time. But also I am very anal when it comes to exploring.

ravens524d ago

Not to mention fighting Titan at his full strength. Hours spent trying still haven't succeeded. Found all 3 ruins but I'ma masochist when it comes to games.

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Barlos5d ago

Very much so. Graphically it's dated but the story and the gameplay haven't aged a day. It's still one of my all time favourite RPGs and for me is better than Remake in some ways.

Barlos5d ago (Edited 5d ago )

It always takes me back to Christmas 1997, I got it as a gift and I was blown away when I played it. I couldn't believe games could look that good. The combination of pre rendered backgrounds and FMV really made it stand out. It definitely still has a certain charm that modern games can't replicate.

I can't imagine people will still be talking about Remake and Rebirth in 27 years.

Tapani4d ago

Fully agreed. To me the atmosphere, pacing, gameplay and music are all better than in the remake.

Rebel_Scum5d ago

Yes, play this, skip remake, start rebirth for new players.