N+ creators stand behind their anti-XBLA rant - 'In Defense of the Apparant Shitstorm'

N+ creators Raigan Burns and Mare Sheppard in their response blog titled "In Defense of the Apparant Shitstorm" write:

"Well, apparently our Gamasutra interview is controversial. Probably we should do what all the professionals have advised us to do, and just stop reading comments - it is the internet after all. But let's instead take one last stab at dialogue.

We didn't intend to provoke outrage, we simply spoke candidly. Actually saying what you think rather than being fake in an interview situation is apparently just not done, but don't shoot the messenger - it's not our fault that the vast majority of XBLA games suck! Literally every single person we've ever spoken with is in agreement on this, and yet it's apparently shocking for gamers in general to hear (assuming that's who reads joystiq/kotaku)."

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PS360WII3863d ago

That was a good read. He wrote down some stuff I agree with. If these arcade spots for xbla and psn were to help stop the horrors of retail why are the same mistakes being made? I also think that most of the games on there are not up to par but what can you do most of the games on the VC aren't all that impressive either and the PSN has it's fair share of dookie

gamesR4fun3862d ago

Their happy to flog any crud they can jam on it vbecause of the insane cash they make with it. Dont matter if its Sony or Ms if it sells they'll flog it for all its worth. That said there are some real gems on both systems you just got to be smart enough to avoid the crud...

JsonHenry3862d ago

I have to agree that about 90% of the Arcade titles are trash. I mean, there are some good ones on there. Like the remakes of popular games like Doom or Prince of Persia. But the vast majority of the games are just pathetic. Makes me wonder if ANYONE even buys any of them.

There are a few good games though. I bought Feeding Frenzy for my wife, as well as games like puzzle quest (got it on steam though) and games like Settlers of Catan is a lot of fun to play online. But seriously. Go down the list and try playing the demos. You will see what I mean.

eagle213863d ago

PSN downloadable games are far more advanced. They are in another league! Games like High Velocity Bowling, Calling All Cars (8.7 IGN) and Gran Turismo 5 Prologue. Quality over quantity. Seriously. :)

PS360WII3863d ago

I'm not big on High Velocity Bowling. I rank that right up with the Go! Go! stuff which isn't being nice. Though I have said before I like the downloaded games on the PSN more than what's on the XBLA.

Cyrus3653862d ago

I agree PSN tends to have more original releases, and doesn't just throw 10-12 Downloadable games every week, so games get lost in the shuffle. Yes PSN has bad games just like the rest, but the others seem to just throw everything and almost anything to download.

Jinxstar3862d ago

Pain, Everyday Shooter, Super Stardust are all phenominal.

On XBL I like the board games and Carcassonne. Both great...

They both have decent games... If you dont like em don't buy em... I have about 7 games DL'd from XBL and about 12 from PSN.

Worms, Castlevania and a few others are great from XBL and the PSone titles are great on PSN. I just wish they would release FF and Xenogears already... Same with Wii Virtual console. Where is Earthworm Jim damn it. i want MDK from PSN. They keep releasing crap on all the consoles when there is so much potential. I can't wait for Pirates vs Ninja Dodgeball... GT5 Prologue too.

candystop3862d ago

XBLA games are actually ok but I think MS is more focused on XNA games at the moment! There is nothing neither Sony or Nintendo has that will combat XNA in the near future!

JasonXE3862d ago

who doesn't like uno, tmnt, street of rage 2, or geometry wars?

SL1M DADDY3862d ago

It has more games therefore it has more trash. There are good games on both platforms although I do find myself playing the PSN downloads far more due to their originality and quality and the larger apeal in replay value.

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