First 500K PS3s get Blu-ray Talladega Nights

The PlayStation 3's system font isn't the only thing it's borrowing from Spider-Man. Just like the first one million PSPs came bundled with Sony Pictures' Spider-Man 2, the first half million PlayStation 3 systems will come with Will Ferrell's NASCAR opus, Talladega Nights: The Ballad of Ricky Bobby in the much-vaunted Blu-ray format. While Will Ferrell's pocked visage isn't the first thing we'd like to experience in stunning 1080p (we're thinking giant apes on skyscrapers is a little more befitting) we are impressed that the Sony Pictures title will be bundled a month before it reaches the unwashed masses at retail on December 12th. Gotta love that corporate synergy!

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PS360WII5892d ago

So it is more about movies

bung tickler5892d ago

funny thing is more than half of the people that buy this wont be able to see any difference from a standard DVD because they still have 480p or worse TV's. This may just backfire and people will watch and say... "This is what HD is all about... garbage! DVD is cheaper and looks the same" this is another reason that MS is smart and releasing there HD-DVD player as an add-on becuase then the people that buy it will acctually be able to take advantage of it and in doing so when they see the boost in vid quality they will say... "Man HD kicks A$$!" and then spread the word to thier buddies about how thier HDTV and xbox 360 just wow the hell out of them.

calderra5892d ago

Not to mention, 360's HD-DVD units will be shipping with King Kong (hence the joke in the article). Even on a standard TV, Kong crushes Ricky Bobby in terms of "next-gen".

I'd personally rather watch Talledega Nights as I hated Kong, but when we're talking about a next-gen showpiece, this is an absolutely baffling title to include.

Mikey_Gee5892d ago


I really wanted my money back.

To bad, Ferrell is one of my fav comedy actors, but this movie sucked azz

Nodoze5892d ago

Sony Executive Board Room (somewhere underground)

Ken - We need to ship the launch PS3's with a bluray title to justify the huge expense of the console.
Kaz - This will be a great opportunity for us to display the power of our trojan horse secret weapon and show people once and for all the power of 'next gen' movies.
Ken - We need a movie that will really show people the dynamic increase in quality, the jaw dropping resolution, plain and simple the wow factor
Kaz - We have an extensive catalog to choose from Ken since we have so much support from the major studios. What title did you have in mind?
Ken - Taladega nights
Kaz - <silence>
Ken - Since the bulk of our units are going to america, and they are such big fans of Nascar it is a great example of value and performance.

Great choice Sony, GREAT choice!