Five Things Wrong With Sony

Sony found itself in a precarious position at the start of this console race. It launched at a price that instantly cast a shadow on the system, raising questions of its viability as a platform. Initially, through a drought of games and its high price point, the questions raised looked more and more likely to become a reality. However, with a respectable 2007 slate of exclusive titles, an even better looking 2008 game lineup, and the Blu-Ray format riding high with HD-DVD exiting the market; things are starting to look up for Sony.

Yet, there are questions that still linger.

The article deals with these five topics:

-Downloadable Content
-Confusing the Market
-Motion Controls
-Lack of a Reason to Get On the PS3

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doodle3864d ago


Thank you

dannyhinote_133864d ago

Can I report you for fanboyism? :)

TheWickedOne3864d ago

First I own a PS3 not 360, but I think it's fair enough since "news" articles that don't really favor the 360 get approved all the time.

Although I disagree with most of this article.

The Wood3864d ago

but its only fair to let some like this get through to balance it out a little.

doodle3864d ago

N4G is not a place to approve MS VIRAL MARKETING articles

You XTARD that GARBAGE BOX 3 FIX with 70% defect date is DEAD all over the world. Why arent there a new article on RROD evertime. There should be millions since 70% of GARBAGE BOX 3 FIX MEs are defective

halo3betasnatch out3864d ago

doodle... shut up, could you at least act like someone over 8, AT LEAST, I mean come on, your not making any progress here, your just making yourself look like an idiot and no body like you (on N4G at least), so whatever your point is-is not getting across due to lack of punctuation, grammar and maturity and you have no credibility... so it's not helping you... it's not helping us, so why do you do it?

Jack Meahoffer3864d ago (Edited 3864d ago )

You act like the meaning of your life depends on this fanboy garbage.


Calm the hell down you blind corporate follower. Your master Sony can handle a couple of negative articles.

You're such a blatant hypocrite its sad. You just said negative articles for 360 are fine because its garbage. Well a lot of people could say the same thing about a $600 console that STILL can't match the features of a 2 year old 360. RROD or not your console can't handle the 360 in exclusive games or online funcitonality PERIOD.

YOU HAVE BEEN OWNED! Now go cry to mommy you fanboy. And for gods sakes get a f'ing life. You must have NOTHING going on in your sad life to care about a console so much. Sad little man you are.


mikeslemonade3864d ago

What is this fair and unfair debate we are having? It either gets approved or not. Let people decide because the site is based on democratic principles. When the PS3 was getting bashed a year ago people weren't playing fair.

doodle3864d ago

that GARBAGE BOX 3 FIX ME is dead all over the world. It is the least selling console in the world

GAYLO3 TARD ---what a shame???someone still plays that game at 640P??

Harry1903864d ago

be the first one to praise the article that's coming next week:
5 things gone wrong with microsoft.
should be funny.

halo3betasnatch out3864d ago (Edited 3864d ago )

haha wow dude, I don't have a 360 dumbass, i got rid of it a few months ago due to it breaking all the time and bought a PS3, nonetheless that doesn't change my point, and you just further enforced it by assuming I have a 360... and what does the 360 being dead all over the world (which it is not, but is decreasing in sales) have to do with my post, are you just going to run away from what I'm saying or actually respond to me?

GETPWNT3864d ago

Nazi'm (diddle), is such a stupid piece of gutter trash sh1t. all he can do is cry because everyone hates him. awwwwwww :( lmao. pathetic loser.

power of Green 3864d ago (Edited 3864d ago )

EDIT: Doodle every time PS3 fanboys accuse me of having more than one account they report my account to the mods and the mods tell them its not true! every time, this has happend 3 times already.

I wouldn't have this account if what you said was true the PS3 fanboys would have gotten rid of me long ago.

LOL 200+ PS3 fanboys on this site which all hate me, yet they only comment about my *supposed* many accounts but will not report them to mods this time?. lol

doodle3864d ago

you are in denial cuz GAYLO3 is such a bad game that no one wants to associate himself/herself with it.

@PEDOPHILE you should be jailed you pervert


still you are posting after being caught RED HANDED with multiple ACCOUNTS


MART and POG are the same person

**********PEOPLE please report the story as SPAM /LAME

halo3betasnatch out3864d ago

omg this if fooking hilarious, come on dude, I can even post pics of me with my PS3, and still you aren't addressing any of the comments I made, your just attempting to make lame insults based off of assumptions... I am not afraid to associate myself with halo either, yes I have a PS3, but I like the halo story line and read the books... feel free to actually address the things I said, I'm off with some friend see you guys later

GiantEnemyCrab3864d ago

hahaha doodle you run out of bubbles so its time to use another account.

They let the CRAPSTATION(tm) off easy!

This is great news! The word needs to get out on how the junkstation is a joke of a game console and for the uneducated consumer who might get tricked into buying a POS3 thinking it has a stellar library like the Xbox 360 and find out they have more movies than games.


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The Wood3864d ago (Edited 3864d ago )

but the price thing is now ok.

Motion control is a plus not a minus, flying alone in warhawk is proof.

Lack of reasons for somebody who may have a 360 if the exclusives are not enough. If you have neither then the PS3's sales proved last year that there was in fact reason and if that wasn't enough then I don't know what is

Ill say the confusing the market is a double edge for those in Europe as many people are waiting for the 60gig replacement that has not been announced yet. The rest of the world is fine and all sku's have the same 'core' feature set.

Downloadable content is sparse, especially in Europe. Hope they pick up momentum as I normally download all my demo's etc from the US and Japan stores.

Monchichi0253864d ago (Edited 3864d ago )

Price is okay??? Dude, I don't know where you live because $400 is still way to much for the average consumer. Especially in a time of a recession. It might be okay for you and me as hardcore gamers but not to a person earning like $10 per hour.

They need to get near $200....half of what it is now. And Yes, it is a good value for what you get. But it's not a necessity either.

Glad to be a gamer3864d ago (Edited 3864d ago )

This guy basically summed up exactly why i haven't got a ps3 yet to complete the trio.

I agree with Monchichi025 £300 is still a lot of money in comparison to the £180 wii and £200 360. I think its worth it but im a crazy gamer not an average consumer.

Guess the excuses will now start coming in about rrod, only shooters, xbox got discontinued early into its life,articles rubbish etc etc....YAWN


season0073864d ago

no offense, but you expect a fairly new electronic/gaming machine get to the price point of 200 and yet still provide all your need for 10 years at its second year?

you gotta be kidding me, anything that lasts is going to be expensive at first, and the price slowly drops...same for PS3, and i would say 400 bucks for something that lasts 8 years is at really good value..

Back to the topic,
the PSN games are great, motion sensing is not a must-use for most games so i don't consider it a problem either...price is good, confusing the market is a weird argument to me...

and for lack of reason to get on PS3?
Games, Brand-recognition, Reliability, blu-ray, media center, HOME...lack of reason? I can't see it

The Wood3864d ago

You cant expect to get all of that for the price of a wii or something has to get cut like, er, lets say the standard hdd. I personally dont think the PS3 is overpriced

kevoncox3864d ago

We don't need articles like this. What's the purpose of sway people from buying a system? Why, you already mad eyour choice why do you care that everyone has to agree with you. Do you see toyota drivers creating up don't buy a ford mustang articles?

I agree that motion controls are a waste of time but as long as they are optional who cares(lair i'm talking to you).

Personally my biggest issue with the ps3 is lack of standard mics. Too many games are void of team structure because almost no one has mics and that's sony's fault. However, is it omething to creat an article about? No. enjoy your 360 or wii and everyone will enjoy their system of choice.

Monchichi0253864d ago

Like I pointed out in my previous statement; it is okay for you and me, hardcore gamers and gizmo fans in general. But I'm talking about the mass market, the people who don't care about the details. Same people who still don't own flat screens. That would be more then 70% of the people.

It's a great value at $400 but a value to who? Not to them. All they see is $400!!! That is like a whole weeks paycheck to them. Not a impulse buy to say the least.

Genesis53864d ago

AS many other people have mentioned here. With the PS3 you get much more than just a games console. It's extra added features are nice for those that have the rest of the equipment to compliment it. If you're looking for something cheap to just play games maybe it's not for you. I personally use all the extra bells and whistles and really get my moneys worth out of it. For me it truely is a great media hub.

The Wood3864d ago (Edited 3864d ago )
thats 289 sterling. No its not cheep but It was never competing against the wii BUT it did outsell a cheaper 360 so I feel that its worth the price at least to the millions who purchased it. Casuals can pick it up when the price drops again but the ps3 is 'high end' and until it costs a lot less to produce I wouldn't expect any major price drops too soon. I know some people who think the wii is too expensive for what it is and that's a game cube with more memory and motion control. Seems you may be one of those type of guys. How can you want to play the best games and not want to fork out the cash. Dont pay overboard but don't gripe about the price like its an empty box with a sony sticker.

Funny that I see some people screaming about the price of the ps3 but throw up pictures of like 15 plus original games, a live account, a wii and all other types of sh*t.

Maybe it sound like Im being harsh but the ps3's price will drop to a more casual price but It and the 360 are not aimed directly at the casual's, look for nintendo for that. 360 + PS3 = High end, Wii = cheap n cheerful.

What you say applies to all top end consumer goods. Check out the i phone. Early adopters foot the bill and the rest follow all the way down to the laggards who purchase whatever when the price is less than lunch. Its the way of the world of business and consumerism

EDIT @ kevoncox

Im sorry but not everybody deserves to be heard over psn or xbl. Sad but true. Id prefer the dedicated people to buy mics so there is some truth in what you say but it goes both ways. Good to see you bubbled up

Joey Gladstone3864d ago (Edited 3864d ago )

Rarely have I seen on this site anyone willing to back up their argument with valid, non biased (or twisted to their likings) points......and still have an intelligent conversation about gaming consoles without resorting to Bashing, name calling, or Hardware Specs lol...keep up the good work....bubbles
......"The JOEY has Spoken"

Glad to be a gamer3864d ago

Wood has made some good points without resulting to the usual Sony supporters overused/weak excuses and mindless bashing.

Good to see some one bringing somthing worthwhile to the table. kudos.

Still stick by what i said about price though and as for th mics i think they should be included. You always have the choice of muting idiots on live and like kevoncox says it adds alot to the online exp.

Real Gambler3864d ago

-Downloadable Content: What, you want 50 games every week? And then you'll complaint about spending too much? Or not having enough hard drive space? Free? You get videos, trailers, and all kind of goodies every week.

-Price: So many people would not buy it if it was too expensive.

-Confusing the Market: Please, tell me, if you pick ANY model, how wrong can you be??? No matter what, you can still play games, download content into your hard drive, watch bluray movies. Missing wireless? Well, if you pay $400 and don't ask the salesman if the device is wireless, I pity you. Same if you forget to ask the salesman if the thing will play your old PS2 games. C'mon, how often do you spend $400 without doing your homework first, or asking questions!

-Motion Controls: It's a plus. Many games use it quite decently. If it wasn't there, this guy would likely complaint about that.

-Lack of a Reason to Get On the PS3: Let me try. It's still the cheapest bluray player. It's a full entertainment hub. It can play games at 1080p/60fps already (any PS3 versions : ), after being out only one year. Every version has a hard drive for your mp3, photos, game saves. You can stream your multimedia stuff from your pc to your hdtv. And an awesome line up of games.

yesah3864d ago (Edited 3864d ago )

and yes price is ok. you get alot for what you pay for..blu ray built in wifi, a gaming console. If you get a 360 your addons will add up: wifi, warrenty (im sure you'll want), HD DVD Player (if you want it), $50 a month for xbox live...

uhm... MGS4, Home, LBP, KZ2, Uncharted, RFOM, RFOM2, Moterstorm, Moterstorm 2, Echocrome, GT5P, GT5, Eye of judgement, RAC:TOD, The agency, Haze, GOW3,

and thoose are just games.... Play TV, PSEYE (video chat with
freinds/family) Blu ray, And motion controll (which for the most part can be turned on or off, so all it is, is a plus.)

Confusing the market: buddy
"A 20GB model that doesn’t have wireless, a 40GB model that has no backward compatibility and only 2 USB ports, a 60GB unit that has flash media drives, and an 80GB model that has “limited” backward compatibility. It’s hard to keep track of for me."

Well you have a list right there use it dumbass, your not going to buy a ps3 every day.

PS Store: I hardly believe you cant wait 2 days for ps3 content to come out, and go up bashing the ps3. Yes their store isn't perfect but id rather see the amount in $, then in "Microsoft points"

although, yes perhaps, you have made this article to share your opinions on whats wrong with the system...However it is hard to believe, seeing how most of your facts are unfounded, and highly biased. I see you've made a five things wrong with Nintendo article aswell. no 360 one though, if you are working on it/getting around to it i apologize, and your opinions differ greatly from mine, but for the most part, You are ill informative, and biased.

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Alcaponeyou3864d ago (Edited 3864d ago )

come on people!!
this is just FUD

edit: why did i get so much disagrees'?

The Killer3864d ago

again with their BS 5 or 10 righ things or bad things about a console!
i can make up to 20 for each console.