Ed Boon Confirms Season Pass 2 For Injustice?

Ed Boon 3 hours ago mentioned that he didn't say there's no more DLC for injustice. Along with the new Scorpion Trailer today.
So , DLC Season Pass 2?

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Adexus3149d ago

Season pass 2? This is getting out of hand.

thethiny3149d ago

Why? there are 10000+ Characters , and only 8 is not enough.

Blank3148d ago

True but it can start another bad trend and defeats the purpose of a season more and more people will wait for the ultimate edition once they they feel that season pass 1 burn wasnt enough.

Captain Qwark 93147d ago

disagree, with a game only every two years max and plenty more sweet characters, season pass 2 is sweet and gives the game more life. plus i dont understand calling it a season pass if you only have one season. i was sad in fact when mk9 didnt get another season. that remains my fav fighting game ever even today and there are sooooo many more old characters i want to see return

as usual, dont like it, dont buy it.

Transporter473148d ago

just going to wait for the ultimate version of this game with everything

Ducky3148d ago

Season pass 2? Now that's injustice.

cr33ping_death3148d ago

Hasn't this whole gen been an Injustice?

Starbucks_Fan3148d ago

Had I bought this game for $10 at GS earlier today I wouldn't have complained.

FullmetalAlchemist3148d ago

I don't think you would have been able to buy it if you wanted. I went on 7 minutes after the sale started and both ps3 and xbox versions were sold out.

Starbucks_Fan3148d ago

I tried getting to my cart for 10 minutes and the site kept crashing lol

typikal823148d ago

I set my alarm on my phone and got my copy. Muahahahaha *dr evil*

It shipped already. Can't wait for the game, I will wait for an inevitable DLC sale to get the add-ons though, ugh.

Toon_Link3148d ago

I was able to get a copy for 10 but I'm still trying to decide if ill keep it or wait for the complete version that will eventually come out.

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The story is too old to be commented.