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Relientk773589d ago

Watching that video, and it looks like a blast

oNIXo3589d ago

lit·er·al [lit-er-uhl]
in accordance with, involving, or being the primary or strict meaning of the word or words; not figurative or metaphorical: the literal meaning of a word.

RonRico3589d ago (Edited 3589d ago )

This, plus a ~16 hour campaign make this game a must buy.

Boody-Bandit3588d ago

The multiplayer does look great. I can't wait to get my hands on this game! What to do first? Campaign or multiplayer? Decisions, decisions.

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DeletedAcc3589d ago

Looks so amazing!
Its like the singleplayer. Very cool concept

guitarded773589d ago

Yeah, bullets are useless like the single player :D Cool to see the crafting in the MP. The bit where he made the Molotov cocktail and lit the other player up was cool.

starchild3589d ago

It really does look like a lot of fun. Can't wait to learn more about the multiplayer.

Merrill3589d ago

It's look great, but holy bullet sponges.

SolidStoner3589d ago (Edited 3589d ago )

well it looks very mature and a lot of ways of dealing with things.... complex looking...

and a lot of places for campers to hide :) and i hope there is some kind of objectives.. and rewards for them.. need to look more into it, it looks professionally made..


I see it compliments the single player, but definetely not my thing... If I shot you in the skull all I ask is for you to politely stay dead... I hate bullet sponges, specially when they can just run back to cover, use a medkit and come back like nothing had happened.

I see this is different premise, the focus is not so much on combat as it is to secure supply, but again, I think it would be better if guns were a hell lot more effective but also a lot more limited (not just very limited ammo, but if you use one be prepared for clickers crashing your party for example).

Anyway, I wasn't even interested in MP here, it's the SP that I'm looking forward, so no harm done... In fact, the different premise got me interested in trying it out, even if it seens like the kind of gameplay that will get me annoyed enough to rage quit pretty soon. I can already envision it... "Sure, my 10 shots won't kill you, but 2 punches to my head and I'm done... Don't even hide, just run through a wall of bullets and kick me in the nuts! I'm outta here!".

miyamoto3589d ago

the real time crafting and inventory management makes it more challenging and unique

itBourne3589d ago

Dont start with this bullet sponge stuff again. U guys have the entire shooter market what more do u want


Bishop, its less spongy than the Uncharted games, or at least it looks that way from the video, but the final kill was enough to keep me worried that they haven't gone far enough in their new damage model.

thechosenone3589d ago (Edited 3589d ago )

ND goes back to it's roots and returns to a more skill based multiplayer similar to UC2. Hopefully they'll throw in some infected into the mix. The death animations looks so good!

Agrim3589d ago

They can easily tweak dmg numbers with a patch. It's true that they look a bit spongy although it could be because shitty quality weapons?

fr0sty3589d ago (Edited 3589d ago )

The reactions to getting shot seem very realistic. Any time someone was hit in a non-vital area, they did their best to limp their way around and keep trying to kill you. When a player's arm was hit, they cradled that arm (likely limiting certain things as well, like hand to hand combat). I never saw someone take multiple bullets to the head or chest and keep on coming.

Honestly, I've always felt that a game that allowed me to shoot someone's legs out from under them, and them not try to keep shooting at me anyway was unrealistic. If I'm not hitting their head or chest, I don't want to see them drop so quickly.



Hey, I'm not trying to represent anyone but myself, so quit the "you guys" talk. Also, when it comes to shooters (which isn't even my favorite genre), I like oldschool tactical ones, which are as far from market domination as are Survival Horror games.

Also I never said the game should be changed to fit my tastes (au contrair, I said why I won't fit into it, hence why I'm not so excited).I even said it got me interested for the different objectives... Chill out.

itBourne3588d ago (Edited 3588d ago )

All I am saying is I dont want to hear about bullet sponges, there are people who like that sort of game style. But there is not a SINGLE game that supports that any longer. So rather then complain and get changed a game that does support that, go and play EVERY other shooter out there. UC2 had this problem, and patch 1.05 completely ruined the mp because of people bitching about that.

RFoM sequals and UC3 had similar results, it went CoD style and abandoned the audience that loved the originals for what they were.

KumquatGOATBEEF3588d ago

I agree. There are so many games out there trying to be like COD where it's usually a shot or two to the head and you're dead. It may fit some tactical shooters, but this goes back to Uncharted's arcade roots where the purpose isn't to die and respawn every minute.

There's nothing more frustrating to me than wandering around in an area only to drop dead and not even know who was firing at you because it's one shot, one kill. This isn't that type of game.

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madara0sama3589d ago (Edited 3589d ago )

Edit: nvm

Gameplay looks good. Wish there was a co op mode; seems like there is one according to recent demo leak though too.

Mr_Nuts3589d ago

What, that magnum is a starter weapon in a game like this. Considering how rare weapons and ammo are in this world everyone should of starter with a crappy pistol and an average riffle of some kind.

I hate load outs, if the Last of Us is about scavenging to find loot then so should multiplayer.

Do I take them on now with my crappy weapons or will I go look for a randomly place better weapon to take them on later. Decisions, decisions

trenso13589d ago

You know you don't have to play it. It's already done not worth complaining about at all. Plus it looks fun anyways.

Mr_Nuts3589d ago

But I want to play it, I'm just pointing out it's flaws. When a game is built around a world where weapons and ammo are hard to come by only to have the multiplayer have something silly like loadouts instead of scavenging like the single player then it's a massive flaw.

Besides don't tell people what they can't play, it comes off dickish. It's my opinion, don't like it then tough

trenso13589d ago

When did I say you can't play it? How about reading, I said that you don't HAVE to if you want that's your choice. Also I don't know how people can go about pointing out the flaws of something they haven't even played and have seen 3 minutes of gameplay footage. But ok do you.

Mr_Nuts3589d ago

Actually it's more then three minutes since theres other videos and yet you can easily judge something like this because it's one multiplayer mode, you grasp the gameplay of it straight away because it shown to be very straight forward. It's not like judging the entire game when someone has only seen three minutes of gameplay footage.

uncharted563589d ago

You will have these weapons and abilities but will run out of ammo very quickly as you can see in the video. So you will have to use team work and stealth to take out enemies and loot them for ammo just like sp

itBourne3589d ago

Contrary to popular belief the entire world doesnt want weapon loadouts, kill streaks, and instadeath gameplay. Wld be nice to have ONE that isnt CoD based..

trenso13589d ago

@itBourne i know that im not particularly happy with load outs either im with MR_nuts wanting to scavenge for weapons, i just dont see the need to be complaining about the game already when you haven't even played it.

@Mr_Nuts care to like the other videos since this is the only one ive seen.

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zeddy3589d ago

looks bad. but im not getting the game for multiplayer. waste of time and just another mode that takes away from the single player where time and resourses could have been used to improve or build on that.

-Superman-3589d ago

Limited bullets, great. Now you just dont run and shoot, but take cover and try to aim and kill.

guitarded773589d ago

That, and bullets aren't nearly as effective as alternative methods of killing. In the demo I actually found myself doing recon before taking on the bad guys because bullets aren't extremely effective, and they tell the rest of the enemies of your location.

pody3588d ago

A full magazine in each weapon seem like limited ammo to you?

Have only a few bullets in each gun and make the damage higher. It would be much better and make the multiplayer experience more then just a regular generic shooter.

Why o why3589d ago

Looked similar to uncharted. Not a bad thing, just an observation. I was expecting more stealth but maybe that woulda been a boring video to watch. The melee system looks better. Not long left

StraightPath3589d ago

Looks like the usual generic team deathmatch, wsnt to see the other survival mode that sounds interesting maybe like dayz?

maddfoxx3589d ago

Yeah, everyone is hyping up the multi-player, but based on this video alone, it looks like the online for any other TPS. Hopefully, it has other modes to set it apart from other games like Uncharted and Tomb Raider.

s8anicslayer3589d ago

Looks like Left for Dead multi-player...which is a good thing

CrossingEden3589d ago

looks nothing like left for dead multiplayer? THERE'S NO INFECTED, it looks exactly like every other TPS out there minus the aesthetic

DirtyLary3589d ago

L4D? LOL what possible looks like L4D besides shooting a gun in thos clips?


Yea man the game is Awesome, i can't wait!!

ShabbaRanks3589d ago

One thing people don’t seem to have noticed in the comments is the realism in the animations. The mo cap really paid off.

The thing that scares me is the gun damage. The guy playing did miss a lot of shots and since you have less ammo its going to affect the gameplay. Trying out myself will be a must lol. Anyway this game is all about the singleplayer, but if the MP turns out to be solid it may drain out the most of my playing time x)

TXIDarkAvenger3589d ago

Looks boring tbh. But I don't care, I'm buying this for single player.

SegataSanshiro3589d ago

Im gonna play this game for the story, the MP gameplay is nothing but an average TPS deathmatch....and to all the sony fangirls clicking disagree, please explain to me how the MP is different from any other TPS? I guess that more disagrees than replies means butthurt to hear the truth

Burackus3589d ago

I clicked disagree because people crying about bullet damage, I like bullet damage to be low for the simple fact it takes skill to kill someone and not just who sees who first, and less camping because people have more life to run around, usually the better player wins the fight with bullet damage being low,one shot kills are stupid in games takes the fun out of it and make for way to much camping

_QQ_3588d ago

yeah this looks like regular Team deathmatch, i'm guessing this isn't the clan mode, they may just be holding off on that.

CEOSteveBallmer3586d ago

Mr. Segata, Ive heard that you somehow insulted me? you said bald creepy CEO from microsoft with a stupid grin on his face. Thats not very nice is it? I ran a very very good company and where does your beloved company gone? even the almighty "Segata Sanshiro" can't save SEGA. Remember the missile you caught? That was us. you just delayed the inevitable because we know we will replace the company that was once yours Muahahahahyahaha.

alb18993589d ago (Edited 3589d ago )

Looks good but it looks a lot like gears of war and uncharted.......this game is uncharted revisited and that is not a bad thing for me.

Razmossis3589d ago

Looks awful.
Same as Uncharted MP. Wonky

DirtyLary3589d ago

Looks like a poor mans Gears. And ya I'm no xbot.

ssj273589d ago

my jaw has drop.. respect to ND

Bathyj3588d ago

Are they bullet sponges or are these guys just lousy shots?

shutUpAndTakeMyMoney3588d ago (Edited 3588d ago )

Wow! Looks better than gears of war.

Hold on did he just realistically jump over cover??
Like Cod:Ghost??

Anyway games like this is why I am getting ps4 next gen.

SOny ownz M$.

Tsar4ever013588d ago

Mp looking damn good. Great animation, way mord advanced than anything seen on Uncharted mp. The sound design seems way more real world than the cartoony action sound heard in uncharted. Shame so few ps3 titles share these top notch visuals. This clearly shows that the ps3 still has much more potential to show before its done with this gen. Funny this may read but i read somewhere long ago that the ps2 full power was never fully reached, halarious, right? But does any body remember how spatactcular tekken5 looked at the late stages of ps2 era?

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Thatguy-3103589d ago (Edited 3589d ago )

Now this is what I wanted! Can't freaking wait!!!Hopefully at some point in a mode clickers and runners invade. What I love is that the slow and normal pace from Uncharted 2's multiplayer is back.

colonel1793589d ago

That's what I was thinking! It would be great to have runners and clickers invade so that everybody would have to watch out for everything. Maybe you can get a clicker to kill another player, etc.

uncharted563589d ago

In fact they will invade actually. According to the leaked details the point of the mp through two modes is to scavenge for supplies in this game mode and then survive in a different mode to train yourself and your aka level up I assume because this is getting you ready to face off infected apparently. And each game counts a day.

ltachiUchiha3589d ago

I know im going to have a blast. Looks like the area is pretty big. Nice it looks so smooth.