Blu-ray Sees Boost in Consumer Adoption

Since the end of the format war, consumers are increasingly purchasing Blu-ray when given the option of purchasing Blu-ray or DVD. Recent retail reports show that Disney's release of Oscar award-winning film 'No Country for Old Men' has sold between 10-15% of its total home video unit sales on the Blu-ray format. Previously, the industry has been accustomed to seeing high profile day-and-date releases selling between 5-10% on high definition formats.

Warner's recent release of 'Appleseed Ex Machina' has sold nearly 30% on Blu-ray, showing the enthusiasm animation fans have for the high definition format. While the unit numbers for 'Appleseed Ex Mahina' aren't nearly as large as those for 'No Country for Old Men', the implications of this increased adoption rate are nonetheless substantial.

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sonarus3863d ago

just watch the numbers increase as ps3 sales go up and prices come down. Then we will see how soon DD downloads future really is.

pwnsause3863d ago

this is obvious since the format war is over, seriously if anyone thinks that BD will not sell by christmas of this year, you're about to get hit by a MACK TRUCK, a Blu-Ray MACK TRUCK.

S A G A T3863d ago (Edited 3863d ago )

This entire argument/debate/theory...

between Blu-Ray and DD and DVD needs to stop.

Blu-Ray is the format of choice for people that want to enjoy HD movies in a physical format. DVD is still going to linger around until people come into the fold, just like anything else. It took a while before people threw out their tape players before they bought CD's and DVD's (remember the combo/tape & CD players in cars?) and now that Blu-ray is the victor people will migrate to it as well. DD's are a good idea, but the pipeline needed for it is not as robust in enough places for it to be taken seriously at the moment, much less a reality. Just think about rural areas and suburbs alone in places like the Midwest, Texas, and the American West. Yes, one day that type of service might be available in earnest, but for now it's not even remotely practical.

People want physical media (artwork, tote-a-bility, ownership, Special Editions) You're not going to ever get that with DD's. DD's are a good convenience to have around whenver it's available, but will never outdo physical media -- and right now the vicotr in that camp is Blu-Ray; so yes we'll see more adopters coming more frequently especially as we head into the 2008 Christmas/shpping season.

RealityCheck3862d ago

I agree people tend to lump everything as if there was only one target user group. There might be more but I think there is at least:

1. people that want to own HD movies : choice Blu-ray
2. people that want to own movies but don't have HDTV : choice DVD
3. people that only want to rent movies, don't have HDTV : choice netflix\blockbuster DVDs OR DD of today (iTunes, Unbox, Live, etc.)
4. people that only want to rent movies and want HD (1080p): choice netflix\blockbuster Blu-ray OR DD in a few years (for true 1080p)

Some people will mix 1&4 and some people will mix 2&3.

Conclusion, for now DD only really competes for the target group 3 as listed above.