PS Home open beta coming April 18th

Sarcastic Gamer writes:

"Many PS3 forums are alive with persons who claim to have recieved an email invitation to participate in the OPEN beta for Playstation Home on the PS3. This final phase of the roll out for this highly-anticipated Second Life-ish time suck is reported to be set for April 18th."

The article asks several questions of readers including:

" Do you think something like Home would hold your interest beyond the initial roll out?"

"Would you be willing to PAY for Home (monthly)? What about for add-ons and accessories to pimp out your virtual crib?"

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fenderputty3913d ago (Edited 3913d ago )

Does anyone else remember when some person started sending out KZ2 beta invites and stuff to a ton of PSN users?

I hope it is true though. The sooner we get this and ingame xmb the better.

Sevir043913d ago

i say when it's time let it be time stop getting our hopes up and then dropping it when you dont come forth with news.

Ri0tSquad3912d ago

Check this thread out. Its where it all started.

Sony would never ask you for your password.

Tomdc3898d ago

My friend from school just told me he got an E-mail today for the beta and I can see him on it now! I did a quick search on google and all this popped up!

Skerj3913d ago

Hate to use a tired phrase but pics or it didn't happen.

Mr_Kuwabara3913d ago

I'll take this as a "meh" until Sony confirms this for now.

PSWe603913d ago

When is WrestleMania again?

BeaArthur3912d ago

haha, that is probably why you only have one bubble. But funny none the less.

jollygoodchap83912d ago

Thanks man, you actually genuinely made me LOL.

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The story is too old to be commented.