Game over for Halo movie?

Both Universal and Fox Studios have pulled out of the Halo movie adaptation, citing rising movie costs and concern over the inexperience of first time director Neil Blomkamp. As the budget was rumored to be edging closer to $200 million, and Microsoft getting a lion's share of the profits, the studio execs decided it was time to pull the plug.

Note: This isn't to say the movie still couldn't get made. Jackson is still attached and pre-production continues on the film, although without a studio home it now faces a serious uphill battle.

o0o ROZZA o0o6254d ago

F*%£ing sh%"(>ing b%"^*rd wa(&?ing c*ck ass kn*b jockeys!

InMyOpinion6254d ago

The movie would have been s*** anyways. I love Halo but i wud'nt want to see The Rock or Denzel as Master Chief, not in a million years. And who's Neil Bloomkamp?! It would just spoil the franchise.

Capt CHAOS6254d ago

It sounds like it's be just a piece of kak anyway.. We DON'T want just special effects.. Top notch story, directing and acting..

If anything I'd like to see it to be a mix of thriller, sci-fi and action..

farside416252d ago

It would not have been the Rock or Denzel Washington.... Have you ever even seen a movie that Peter Jackson was involved in? I guarantee you that when/if this movie comes out it will be awesome

ImTheNumber126254d ago

I'm pretty sure that movie would have been incredible. There is still a chance for it. Neil made some pretty sweet short films.

check this one out:

Bill Gates6250d ago

sure they would cause the game sucked too. IMO

peksi6254d ago

MS got truckloads of money, why dont they make the movie themselves? 200M is their one week revenue :)

T-Rac6254d ago

thats what i was thinkin

I mean 200mill to them is pocket change, they make that in ten minutes....