Sega Goes Crazy With Phantasy Star Online 2 Crossovers: Valkyria Chronicles, Sonic and More

It’s no mystery that Sega loves crossovers between its franchises, and this time they’re really going overboard. As part of the Phantasy Star Online 2 Thanksgiving 2013 event that will start on June the 12th to celebrate the game’s first anniversary, Phantasy Star Online 2 is going to receive the extreme crossover treatment.

Alongside the news on the event and crossovers the publisher released several screenshots and two trailers.

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ashiksorel1997d ago

Sega really does love their crossovers.

But no VC3.........

I can't let that go. xD

Abriael1997d ago

There's no reason to let that go, the lack of the valkyria 3 localization is one of the worst mistakes Sega made this generation, and I'm afraid Yakuza 5 is gonna follow suit.

miyamoto1997d ago

Finally I can get to play Border Break in a way on PSV!!!
Thanks Sega of Japan

Abriael1997d ago

That's pretty much what I thought, I wish they'd bring it over, but it's unlikely being arcade.

nick3091997d ago

Sega its time for virtua fighter 6& yakuza 5 in english.

SOD_Delta1997d ago (Edited 1996d ago )

I just want Yakuza 5, also I rather enjoy Yakuza in Japanese. Putting English dubs cost $$$ which I think Sega is trying to save.

@Abriael You're right. I just assumed he meant English voice dubs.

Abriael1997d ago

No one said they need to put voice overs. the Yakuza series didn't have voice overs since 3.

nick3091996d ago

Tbh , im waiting for a youtuber to sub yakuza 5, he did it for kenzan and i imported it and playing it with the vids, same with 1&2 hd.

PrimeGrime1997d ago

Cool now give us some information on PSO 2 other than for Japan.

SOD_Delta1996d ago

I really wish Sega would show NA a little more love. Sega publish a lot of my favorite games this generation (Valkyria Chronicles, Vanquish, Resonance of Fate, Yakuza, Binary Domain).

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