Gran Turismo 5 Prologue: The Northwall Gameplay

This fantastic track is set on Eiger, a mountain in the Swiss Alps.

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JOLLY14834d ago

The tire skweak is so awful! I hope they have an updated sound for the release. that is the same skweak since gt1. The hd video looked extremely grainy, I hope it was the video capture.

Blademask4834d ago

You can turn down the sound for the tires. i'm sure with the millions of dollars Polyphony has invested into gt5, that they haven't bothered to record the noise. :;rolls eyes:;

JOLLY14834d ago

Who in their right (or left) mind would turn down tires though. You kind of need the sound to tell you how close to losing traction you are. Oh well, here is for hoping.

Blademask4834d ago

1. Common sense tells you when you are losing traction.
2. Rumble with DS3 or Force Feedback lets you know when you have lost traction.
3. You just complained about the noise, you can turn it down if you want. I didn't say MUTE it. However you don't want any solutions do you? You are just pretty much here to complain about gt5, and bring up the retarded notion that Polyphony uses sounds from GT1.


JOLLY14834d ago (Edited 4834d ago )

This is the one game that is probably going to make me buy a ps3. Actually , yes I know very well what being behind a wheel is like. I have been SCCA racing for 3 years now. If I put on headphones and couldn't hear my tires I would drive so much worse. I do have a complaint, but it isn't a complete deal breaker...I just WISH they updated it. I have to wait to see if the professional mode is any more realistic. That would be the major deal breaker. So you just need to calm down a little bit.

*edit* Wow, I got a lot of phantom disagrees...sad

4834d ago
The Wood4834d ago

that 'samey' tire screech is annoying

ps3 is my champion4834d ago

hopefully its better than what it was in Hd concept, that killed my eardrums and headphones more than once

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resistance1004834d ago

Two reasons why this video fails

1) The driver is useless
2) They are using the worst view to race with, the in-car view should be standard.

InMyOpinion4834d ago

I like the beind-the-car view in many other racing games. Are you sure that "They are using the worst view to race with", or is it just badly implemented in this game?

Adamalicious4834d ago

Yeah - you would think they might practice a little more before posting it on the web.

resistance1004834d ago

And Jenzo i'm on about Gran Turismo, to get the best out the game you have to use the in car view, the gameplay feels much better using it imo.

However this view works well in games such as Motorstorm and other arcade racers however

InMyOpinion4834d ago

Is it impossible to drift in GT5:Prologue?

I believe the Alfa(147?) they used is FR driven, but I've never seen any clips where someone drifts in this game. It's a serious flaw if you don't have any choice in how you want to take the corners. I like to take some corners sharp, then pull the handbrake and drift around hairpins etc.

I'd appreciate if someone who has played it can give me some feedback.

ps3 is my champion4834d ago (Edited 4834d ago )

they implement some features to augment how real you want it to be etc., there is an option to disable traction control and it drifts better and more realistically than any racing game ever made.

you can optimize tires, traction control, and much more and they are all very precise and well implemented

If you have a PS3 open up HD concept and view the leaderboards, the top users have there replayes saved and you can watch them, truly skilled driving clips right there!!!

JOLLY14834d ago (Edited 4834d ago )

They actually have a drift mode, which seems weird. I don't think you need to be in drift mode to drift, but who knows.

ps3 is my champion4834d ago

this isn't Need for Speed, if your good, you can drift whenever you want.

JOLLY14834d ago

I figured you could, but since you can jump your car 15 feet in the air and it floats down nice and gently. This is my biggest worry about the physics.

resistance1004834d ago

Drifting in Gran Turismo is an art. You have to perfect it to get it right, and basically drive like you would in real life in order to drift

You can read how to drift here -

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Close_Second4834d ago

...GT5 looks brilliant. I just wish:

1. That you could drive off the track and not have a plastic tape or wire fence stop you. I still think they should have upped the ante for this as this was the way it was on GT1, 2, 3 and 4. I could understand why it was that way on previous gen versions of GT because of technology constraints but really, I thought the Cell could offer a lot more breathing room for developers.

2. As with Forza 2 I hate the animatronic spectators. If you sit on the side of the track and watch them its like they're watching a different race entirely. They all have the same generic movements and they must all come from the part of the world where your sister's your mother, your wife and your daughter if you catch my meaning.

That said, GT5 is a day 1 purchase for me. Its the reason I jumped camps over Xmas.

RAF-TECH4834d ago

so funny.
an arcade racer

Close_Second4834d ago handling in the GT franshise is sublime but when it comes to damage and collision modeling it is not even as advanced as driving bumper cars at a fair.

They typically release 2 GTs per generation of Playstation so I wonder if GT6 will be the first GT that really starts to push the boundaries of collision, off track racing and damage modeling. Yes, I know damage is promised for GT5 but I have not seen anything about it yet. If its like Forza 2 damage modeling then it is still barely better than what was being done last-gen anyway. Forza 2 damage was good but not great.

RAF-TECH4834d ago (Edited 4834d ago )

did you even watch it?
it shows how the ai was not even affected when it was hit.
I'mnot even talking about cosmetics..I'm talking about collision.
What you just saw was BUMPER CARS.

Forza2 damage was great in everyway. The only thing that wasnt spot on was the cosmetic damage. But other then that, Forza2 delivered where damage needed to be (car performance). Like in this clip of GT...It's no brainer that Damage input would have made a difference

And uhh.. you do know that the physics in that clip really.."FAILED".. the AI stayed in the same turn line. wow. you can't see that?? are we watching the same clip???

C'mon. how can you say that's a sim.