Rock Band Officially Announced For Wii, To Be Released 6/22

It's official. Harmonix, MTV Games and Electronic Arts have announced the upcoming June 22, 2008 release of Rock Band for the Nintendo Wii system. The bundle will retail for $169.99. The drums, microphone and wireless guitar will also be available for purchase separately on June 22nd as well.

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BrotherNick4495d ago (Edited 4495d ago )

Hehe, beat me to it. Anyways I'm happy that the Wii is finally getting the game. I thought i'll beat people to the punch and say that the people that buy this probably won't care for the extra songs in dlc. I won't either. they better make extra guitars available asap.

darkness within4495d ago

still no europe announcement. This is getting ridiculous,
good for wii owners though :)

BrotherNick4495d ago

:'( and they took away the freeloader too.

ropelli904495d ago

@2.0 The game was released... what... five months ago in the US? I wonder what are they doing with the european version right now... The game is ready to be released!! At least it was in the US five months ago!

darkness within4495d ago

I know I wonder what they are doing with all this time?
cause im sure a wii version aint halting a boat.

e-ray4495d ago

About time. I wonder what the holdup was...

Covenant4495d ago

It will sell a million by Christmas. Guaranteed.