Michael Pachter: Xbox One Will Cost $399, PS4 Priced at $349

GR - "Pachter predicts the pricing of the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One platforms."

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yugovega2983d ago

pachter wishful thinking

abzdine2983d ago

he's never right, he only says 399 because that's what the rumors have been saying for quite some time now.

gaffyh2983d ago

Personally, I'd expect both to be priced as follows:

$399 (Basic SKU)
$449 (Bundle)

sengoku2983d ago

he cant be right,
because he never is.

Why o why2983d ago

Why do we/n4g still allow patcher articles but ban hip hop gamer. I understand there were sensational claims made by both but ones a gamer and the other is not... sorry for being off topic

@ patcher.. wishful thinking

husomc2983d ago

wonder if he smokes some weed and then pulls numbers out of his ass

Outside_ofthe_Box2983d ago

Although this is Pachter...I believe it. It falls in line with what I've been speculating.

Still think the XB1 will be $300 though.

DragonKnight2983d ago

@why o why: HHG was banned for plagiarism.

Why o why2983d ago

Plagiarism is a lifetime ban...¿

Seems harsh

Armyntt2983d ago

I hope hes wrong. Im sorry $299 is your pricepoint IMO. I dont believe the PS4 or XB1 will last as long as previous generations. Technology is moving faster and faster. Computers are going to make these consoles look ridiculously outdated in a very short amount of time. Tablets are getting faster every year. $399 is way too much to ask for now. Console gaming that we have grown up knowing is changing right in front of our eyes.

Bigpappy2983d ago

I don't think it's time for Mike to be right yet. He has about 7 more predictions before that is possible

shysun2982d ago (Edited 2982d ago )

"HHG was banned for plagiarism."

What about big name sites that take money for good Lamespot?! Is that not the worst? at least on par!

AAACE52982d ago (Edited 2982d ago )



All Xbox One's will come with Kinect 2.0 if that's what you were referring to!

I don't plan on getting either system right away, but I hope the prices are close to this!

I do believe both will be about $400 though. Sounds about right based on what was said in the past about console prices being too high!

gaffyh2982d ago (Edited 2982d ago )

@AACE5 - Bundled with a game, possibly 3 months free XBL. Same with the PS4 bundle, but will probably get 3 months PS+, possibly also the camera, although that would make the PS4 bundle way more valuable.

Obviously Kinect comes in every box with Xbox One, I just don't think Sony would pass up the opportunity to make $50 more if Xbox One is announced at $399, because the initial buyers are the ones that buy it at any price point.

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3-4-52983d ago

* XB1 = $ 450

* PS4 = $ 400

* Wii U = price drop to $250-300

Wenis2983d ago

That seems most reasonable to me.

Salooh2983d ago

I'm expecting 450$ for ps4 and 500$ for X1. Doubt it will release that cheap, only 100$ more then Ps3 isn't reasonable to me. Ps3 price is 300$ and even higher in real stores.

3-4-52983d ago

After seeing the reaction to the Wii U price and people not wanting it any more than $300, I can see people being ok with $400 just because of the superior graphics for the long term.

To counter these 2 console releases, Nintendo will drop both Wii U sets by $50 and probably create a new bundle with some of their new games.

Once people see Wii U is getting more good games soon, they may go for that instead of the $450 XB1 with only 20 games.

Within a year Wii U will have 100 games or so and PS4 also seems dedicated to releasing a good amount of games.

E3 is going to be awesome. So much new information.

Think about where we are now in 2013 compared to 2005

indysurfn2982d ago

It's PS3 and 360 all over again. You tell them you expect the price to be high. And their studies tell them that is what you will pay, what you expect.

irepbtown2982d ago (Edited 2982d ago )

$400 converted to pounds is £262...

That would be a stunning price, but our taxes are higher and we tend to get ripped off a lot. So here in the UK I can't see the PS4 below £300, £350ish is what I'm predicting for us.

Even that price is good considering I payed £500 for the PS3 with a couple of games and a controller.

PS: £500 converted to Dollars is $765. Though I should say, I still have my 80GB fat PS3 working perfectly. The amount of time I've spent on it and considering the last few years Sony really pushing the console, it was worth it.

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andrewsqual2983d ago

Lol is he nuts? I thought the GDDR5 thing is very expensive for the PS4.

NameRemoved00172983d ago (Edited 2983d ago )

The PS3 has gddr5 and is cheaper than the xbox 360. Sony uses it as a showoff spec, the real benefit has nothing to do with the speed, it just allows dynamic vram-ram.

Prophet-Gamer2983d ago

Kinect 2.0 has a ton of tech in it. That may be driving the Xbox's price up.

Ju2983d ago

...that and I believe One's CPU/GPU combo is more expensive.

marinelife92983d ago

I wish I could be as bad as Pachter is at my job and still be employed.

Pachter only predicts the obvious things correctly. Everything else he's typically off on.

HammadTheBeast2983d ago


1 year later...


Tsar4ever012983d ago

Patcher is just making predictions, no biggie. I for one hope he,s right this time. Sony already have the popularity vote on its side at the moment. Just go watch the ign popular vote ps4 vs xbox1. This why sony is waiting for microsoft to make the 1st move on price so they could under cut ms by $50-100. It worked for sony last time for 1st playstation vs sega saturn. Sega released saturn for $399 and sony undercut them $100. The rest is history.

theWB272983d ago

Back then Sony could afford to do that...these days they can't afford that same luxury. They have to price it based on how much of a loss the company can financially take. Microsoft, on the other hand, can use that same tactic.

Prophet-Gamer2983d ago


If they get more consoles out there, it means people will be buying more accessories and most importantly, more software which is where the money's at.

smashman982982d ago

@ wb27 the article clear states the ps4 is only costing sonny 225 versus the xb11 costing microsoft 325 neither of these prices would be at a loss

Oh_Yeah2982d ago

Lol Microsoft could easily afford to price it at 200. I think that's about fair price tho, you have to factor in the 60$ a year required to play multiplayer and use other features most likely. Say it lasts 8 years, that brings the consoles real price to 680.

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badz1492983d ago

basically, what Pachter is saying is...MS is stupid?

$50 more expensive and then another $60 for a year of XBL...who's dumb enough to buy into THAT?

I think XB1 will be priced cheaper.

vigilante_man2983d ago

Who's dumb enough to buy into that, you ask?

Buy a console (360)
Buy an expensive MS Hard Disk
Buy a wifi dongle
Buy an external HDDVD player
Buy batteries or controller charger lead
Buy years subscription just to play on line

Does that answer your question?

But I do agree that MS will sell XB1 the same or cheaper. They can afford to do so.

C0MPUT3R2982d ago

badz149 said -
"$50 more expensive and then another $60 for a year of XBL...who's dumb enough to buy into THAT?"
That is an easy question to answer. Americans.

one2thr2982d ago


Not all Americans, I have never bought a Xbox console but i have played on them...

But I did buy/own all the PlayStation platforms ever released...

WitWolfy2982d ago


Wow I never knew you represented most of America! Kudos to you.. Now go tell your nextdoor neighbour to order you some Pizza Hut then que a Netflix movie YOU'LL be right over!

one2thr2982d ago (Edited 2982d ago )

Did that make you feel good, have you satisfied your inner tickle, or are you just getting my hopes up about that free slice of pizza?...

If so, I'd like a slice of that stuffed crust supreme pizza with a side order of gluten and a bottle of sugar free water.... Im on a diet...


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airgangstarr2983d ago

just think if hes right u can buy both for almsot the cost of ps3 when it launched lol.. i personally think 500 is the number an 400 for a lesser model

PurpHerbison2983d ago

@husomc Smoking weed does not work like that my friend.

indysurfn2982d ago

For once I wish Patcher was correct! Now Patcher has me doing it!

extermin8or2982d ago

Thing is my opinion on the guy has changed somewhat-I mean he does actually know what he's talking about and often his predictions are the most logical expected outcome.... However the most logical outcome rarely actually occurs... Consumers don't seem to act logically/sensibly :p common sense doesn't factor into purchase intent etc at all.

JsonHenry2982d ago

add $100 to that and I might believe it.

MRMagoo1232982d ago

Im not sure about pricing but i really get the feeling the ps4 will cost less than the xbone at least they will have a lower priced sku of some sort.

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golding892983d ago

It would be great for ps4 to cost 349 but part of me believe this will be highly unlikely due to the specs of the ps4...unless Sony won't mind some revenue lost..not sure.. we will see. :)

SexyGamerDude2983d ago

You never know. People love low prices. That's one of the reasons the Wii sold so many systems. I think Nintendo made more money than they lost by putting the price so low.

DeadlyFire2983d ago

They stated before the Wii launched we are making a profit off every console. So Nintendo got gold from the Wii generation. WiiU on the other hand. Idk. They still are cheaper than the PS4/XB3 price point I am certain.

Lower prices do sell a product at a faster rate. I just wonder if the $99 Android consoles launching soon will sell faster than the WiiU.

WitWolfy2982d ago

Not Really, in my country the Wii was actually the same price as a 360 on launch when it released here.

_QQ_2983d ago

plus itcomes with the eye toy thing for move, same goes for nextbox and kinect. should contribute a bit to the price.

brianunfried2983d ago

Rumor is Sony will sell the PS4 camera separately to lower the cost. So it's not that wild of a prediction.

Campy da Camper2983d ago

I hope so! Don't care for motion co trols AT ALL. Just give me a controller and let me game old school style!

brianunfried2983d ago

People may disagree, but here is the article.

koolaid2512982d ago

Ps4 is supposed to package it in the box as an attempt to keep up with the Kinect 2.0 but Microsoft has alot of tech in the new kinect it's leaps and bounds better than the playstation eye

DeadlyFire2983d ago

Unless Sony is eating the cost to push out more units than Microsoft. Which could be the case.

Its a very heated battle for Sony/Microsoft this year as they both are fighting to outsell each other. Nintendo decided to walk in the other room for their conference due to this.

airgangstarr2983d ago

theres really no competition sony has its regions it does well an microsoft the same that wont change i jus wish usa didnt put ps4 on the shelves like japan wont be putti ng xbox on most of there stores shelves

2982d ago
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mania5682983d ago

from the title i thought it was the final price, would be too good to be true, if it is below 500$ its good enough for me.

jjw4k2983d ago

While Mr. Pachter is often way off the mark. I think both sides learned their lessons from the launches of the current generation of systems. And part of that will be seen when they eventually announce pricing.

thehitman2983d ago

lol yea right... xbox one probably will be like 400-450. I dont expect the ps4 to be any less. Personally I would spend up to 500 for a high end model for ps4 dont think Sony will go over that though.