Apple, Safari, iPhones and the reek of Microsoft

Apple already has a place on the desktops of many Windows users through iTunes. Like Microsoft before it, Apple figured this was a great Trojan Horse to start pushing its other software. Like Microsoft before it, Apple stepped over the line, as John Lilly, CEO of Mozilla, suggested.

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PS360WII3864d ago

Geez it's a silly update that you can opt-out of and not instal it! What's up with all the farting ticked off people. Hey say you 'accidentally' instal the Safari web browser after updating your iTunes, you still don't have to use it! My word all these articles about this is more frustrating then the installing an extra program.

G-unit3864d ago

Mac, iPod, iPhone, Safari, iTunes, iLife, iWork.

Get a Mac and never go back.
Cause Windows dont bring no Jack.
Its mostly used by poor folks that smoke crack.

Adamalicious3864d ago

Does he mind that Apple software update for Windows makes Quicktime available? Or is it only products that compete with his that he complains about?

It makes sense that he's worried - Mozilla browser's (Firefox) captured market share in the absence of any real competition. Now that IE is once again being actively, dare I say aggressively, developed and Safari is rapidly gaining market share - and looking more promising all the time given iPhone & Windows support - things are going to get a lot harder for Mozilla now that the more powerful companies are really getting in the game.

Whining about it isn't going to help you John Lilly :)

Bonsai12143864d ago (Edited 3864d ago )

i wouldn't use safari on windows platform. its woefully under developed compared to its os x counterpart.

i use itunes because its the best. i use quicktime + perian plugin because its the best. i use safari/webkit on my mac because its the best. cater to your needs.

plus windows forces you to use IE for software updates. i noticed that when i tried to go to the update windows thingy. firefox 3 beta wouldn't work with it :-(