Sony PSM Publisher license free. Why should you get it?


"Sony have once again amused me. Initially, when the PlayStation Mobile thing came into being it was free for people to become developers, then they saw that they could make even more money out of it, and began to charge somewhere in the region of £70-90 annually (these are rough figures based on memory), and now, they’re stating that it’s possible to get it free again, but for a limited period, as we’ve mentioned a few weeks ago.

I personally think that everyone should sign up for this; even if you’ve no programming knowledge whatsoever. Why you may ask? Well, it opens up a lot for you. People can and have utilize this to make various applications that can aide the user."

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Earthbound Creator Says Nintendo Considered Mother 3 Translation, But It Was Complicated

IGN writes: Mother 3 is one of the most hotly-desired RPGs ever, having never received an official translation in North America despite the cult popularity of its predecessor, Earthbound. But over all these years, series creator Shigesato Itoi has never weighed in on the discussion - at least until now."

Zenzuu1d 9h ago

They should remake Earthbound, and bring it to modern platforms.

meganick1d 2h ago

A translated version of this game on Switch Online would be nice, and it would add a lot value to the Expansion Pak service.

jznrpg1d 1h ago

Bring it already. Nintendo is frustrating at times

jjb198123h ago

I would love to see an Earthbound game just redone with 3D-ish models and characters. Just having a remaster for Switch Online would be awesome!

FinalFantasyFanatic17h ago

Did you ever see the Earthbound 64 concept/materials? That actually looked really good, but I'd also take a HD-2D remake as well.

FinalFantasyFanatic17h ago

Nintendo seems very whimsical about what they give they're fans, sometimes they'll give them a bone (e.g. Mario RPG, Thousand Year Door for the Switch), and other times, they just give them little to nothing (agh, the Zelda anniversary).

Agent7514h ago

When you consider the cost of gaming back then and even now, no excuses when costs are involved.


Harry Krueger to Depart from Housemarque After Almost 15 Remarkable Years

Today marks a significant moment for the Housemarque community, as Game Director Harry Krueger announced his decision to move forward after a dedicated 14-year tenure.

"Departing from Housemarque was a very difficult decision for me, but I’m leaving the company with nothing but deep gratitude for the past, and a glowing optimism for the future - with an exciting new project in the works, a fantastic team that’s stronger than ever, and the continuous support of Sony and Playstation Studios, I know that Housemarque’s brightest chapter has yet to be written", shared Krueger.

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Brazz13d ago (Edited 13d ago )

More talent leaving Playstation studios. Is the recent GAAS focus related? Problems in the House of Playstation?

Nyxus13d ago (Edited 13d ago )

Whishful thinking?

"I’m leaving the company with nothing but deep gratitude for the past, and a glowing optimism for the future - with an exciting new project in the works, a fantastic team that’s stronger than ever, and the continuous support of Sony and Playstation Studios, I know that Housemarque’s brightest chapter has yet to be written."

Brazz13d ago (Edited 13d ago )

nah, just speculation based on the fact that many key figures have left Sony in recent times.
Without a doubt, it could be that everything is under control and the Playstation studios are working at maximum efficiency... or maybe not. Care to give me some approval? I fixed the description.
Edit: thank you.

-Mika-13d ago

This comment is silly. Of course, he not going to say nothing negative on his way out. Employees on the upper level rarely do but it odd for him to leave now. Especially when he was acquired by Sony and his new title they are working on would be the highest budget game he ever worked on. It clear there is artistic clashes going on. Sony probably is forcing Housemarque to make a GAAS or some typical Cinematic game.

fr0sty12d ago

Gotta love how the fanboys rush in to try to give their hot take before anything is even known about why he's leaving... He could just be moving on from gaming in general, focusing on his family, could be any number of reasons why he's leaving, but of course, "It's GaaS"! (even though Sony just sacked their former PS boss over that). Nothing short of ridiculous.

Charlieboy33312d ago

@ Mika, no YOUR comment is silly. You reckon of course he's not going to say anything negative on the way out. That doesn't mean he has compliment and praise Sony either. He could have made that whole statement without saying "the continuous support of Sony and Playstation Studios" and it wouldn't have been negative. The fact that he did feel the need to say that blows holes in your cute little theory.

Cacabunga12d ago

They make great games!!! Resogun Alienation Dead Nation Matterfall Returnal.. hit after another!!

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sparky7713d ago

Could be.

There are rumours on Reddit that Housemarque were being forced to be a support studio to that Haven studio GaaS game to get it up and running faster. Whatever they were working likely got put on hold or cancelled so he left.

Einhander197213d ago

Don't make crap up.. No one cares what xboxmegafanboy1243 said on Reddit.

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fr0sty12d ago (Edited 12d ago )

"Likely got put on hold or canceled" yet he specifies that they're working on their biggest project ever as he departs the company... blowing a hole in your baseless speculation.

I know y'all are desperate for a W, but this is getting sad.

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Lightning7713d ago

Hardly, he left on a good note at Sony.

RupeeHoarder13d ago (Edited 13d ago )

15 years at a company is a long time. Do you know anything about the corporate world? People leave companies for MANY reasons beyond hating their employers, I see it weekly.

Godmars29013d ago

Support for GAAS seems to have left with Jim Ryan.

Coincidance? I think not!

CobraKai13d ago

Anytime anyone wants to expand their horizons or go to a different company people think there’s trouble. These things are works in progress. This guy didn’t just randomly up and leave.

S2Killinit12d ago

“Gass focuse” why does that only apply to PlayStation? Are we that daft?

jznrpg12d ago (Edited 12d ago )

Like Halo Forza and Redfall weren’t gaas

S2Killinit12d ago

Yup, They keep saying Playstation “gaas focus” when Playstation very distinctly said they were going to do what they have always done and make gaas games on top of it. Meanwhile MS has been all gaas.

Yui_Suzumiya12d ago

People further their careers and move on from time to time. That's just life.

Charlieboy33312d ago

"the continuous support of Sony and Playstation Studios". If I was a disgruntled employee forced to leave due to pressure from Playstation's direction, I sure as hell wouldn't feel the need to put that in my statement. Don't you think?

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Obscure_Observer13d ago

For several weeks, every week we got news regarding people either leaving or getting fired from Playstation Studios.

Since Ryan got fired, things only got worse.

There´s definitely something going on at SIE and this Totoki guy apparently is not helping and steering the ship.

Playstation needs a good replacement for Ryan as soon as possible.