Wii Fit priced for $90 at GameStop, pre-order $10

via Joystiq: According to a blurry GameStop release list image posted by WiiCast over the weekend, the charge for admission into the Wii Fit club will be $90. We've confirmed with various local GameStops that the game is listed in its system for $90. Pre-orders are being offered for $10 instead of the regular $5, but the two-fold increase is something we've heard has been in the GameStop pipeline for a while.

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Darkiewonder3860d ago

but as for myself I am NOT going to bother buying the thing. Have fun for those that do buy it though.

Brainiac 83860d ago

I plan on getting it. It looks interesting and my wife thinks it looks fun, plus I'm sure my daughter would love it.

I'll have to get down there to pre-order it.

mikeslemonade3859d ago

I'm definately getting this. With all the fat people in the U.S. this thing is going to sell really well basically at any price regardless how helpful it really is. I'm a skinny guy and i'm still getting this.

OC Shock Value3860d ago

i love my wii and all.. but this looks wack.. saddly people are gonna run out and buy this like ice cream on a hot summer day.. ill personally just stick 2 smash bros and close my mouth about the situation

sumfood4u3860d ago

Unlike most games this one actually will improve yur body, an mind! Having Fun while losing weight is a must to most obeist people!

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