Playstation Light Gun Showdown

"The recent failure of Time Crisis 4 on the PS3 has reminded me of a better time. A time when not everyone had a fancy LCD HDTV, silly Wiimote/Power Glove sensors all over their TVs, and analogs sticks and no less than 3 cables coming out of their light guns. No, I'm speaking of a time when light gun games actually were light gun games and used photodiodes and seizure-inducing screen flicker to work. Sure, I've got a collection of light guns from the gigantic Menacer to the classic NES Zapper but the console that likely has the most light guns ever produced for it is the Playstation."

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RacingX3862d ago (Edited 3862d ago )

Does anybody know if the new Time Crisis 4 guns for PS3 will work with the older PS2 or PS1 Time Crisis games on PS3? Or am I in another Guitar Hero predicament here??

orange143862d ago

^^^ I don't think they would work.

RacingX3861d ago

Thanks Orange, bubble for you!