Video Interview Forza 2

In this interview you can watch different gameplay video's and hear about the features in the game.

Uploading of screenshots, use them as a wallpaper, the editor to give the car your own new look with decals and paintings it's all there!

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uploading personal screenshots is awesome!


i love the little weird features of next gen gaming... lip synch on GOW, face scanning on the Live! Vision camera...

TheMART6254d ago

Right on LandofSand, you just nailed exactly on what things games on other platforms are falling short on. And where I bet Sony's online 'free' network will have dropouts.

We see lip sync in Gears yeah, but that's not all. Stepping in in co-op any time and step out as easy when the 360 takes over.

That's a unified system. Now how would that kind of gameplay work on the PNP network? With x-fire? Gamespy? When playing you need to type different passwords when someone enters the game?

And why games like Rainbow Six have face mapping for the 360 and lacks it for PS3... I would start to worry as an upcoming PS3 owner to get a less game experience for real. The cutting of online capabilities in Tony Hawk and other online games??? mmmhhhhh

Wait untill more advanced functions come by. All real gamers wanting decent, premium online gaming will choose 360 and XBL. Like last gen Live on XBOX 1 was nr.1 on a long distance from competiton. If not to say: No competition at all


The 7 Best Xbox 360 Games - Console Exclusives Win the Day

The Xbox 360 was a fantastic console in its day with some truly classic titles, but what are the seven best games for the console?

DrDoomer1d 2h ago

I'm pretty used to these lists being bad, but this one is particularly s#ite.

raWfodog18h ago

I think Lost Odyssey and Blue Dragon should have been added to the list.

BrainSyphoned1d 1h ago

I'll go with,
Lost Odyssey, Blue Dragon, Culdcept Saga, Shadow Complex, Ace Combat 6 with the flight stick,A Kingdom for Keflings, A World of Keflings.
Bonus Kinect Games: Happy Action Theater and Sesame Street.
*Skyrim was so bad on PS3 that it almost deserves to be #1*

Husker42c22h ago

I really loved Shadow Complex.

P_Bomb16h ago

Ah yes, Shadow Complex! Good indies back in the day. Summer of Arcade. I enjoyed Trials Evolution as well.

DeusFever1d ago (Edited 1d ago )

Was this made by a.i.? No human being would put Shadowrun, Fable III, and Splinter Cell: Conviction into a list of the 7 best Xbox 360 games.

Abnor_Mal23h ago(Edited 23h ago)

Would love to play Ace Combat6 on PlayStation, but Xbox decided to buy exclusivity and keep it off a competing platform.

The only mainline game I never played except for one level at a friends place. Game sold less than any other in the series if I remember correctly.

darthv7210h ago

360 had Namco hitters AC6 and RR6... both quality titles. You should at least bust out the 360 for AC6 if you can score the flight stick. Its great.

Hofstaderman17h ago

When the current gen XBOX offering is so lacking people need to refer to games released two generations back....

Profchaos3h ago(Edited 3h ago)

It's a nostalgia peice same reason we get thousands of YouTube videos on sega genisis. Something people have fond memories for but the era is long gone.

It's xboxs golden year imo it was their genisis years the time where they stuck it to the market leaders Sony.

BehindTheRows44m ago

They stuck nothing. Sony screwed themselves giving Xbox an opening. They would have gotten the usual smack down if the PS3 had launched at $399 and was easier to develop for.

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Super Puzzle Fighter II Turbo Comes to Street Fighter 6

The classic puzzle game, Super Puzzle Fighter II Turbo, is now playable in Street Fighter 6's Game Centre, along with other new additions.

Babadook720h ago(Edited 20h ago)

I loved this on PS1. I also bought the HD remaster.


Left 4 Dead Writer Explains The Drawbacks Of Releasing Games In Early Access

He wants to launch all his projects initially through close beta.