Why The Mac is Better Than The PC: Crapware

InsanelyGreatMac has an excellent article outlining another point in the ongoing battle of which is better: PC or Mac? The article gives the examples of computer companies such as Sony, which install "crapware" (or demo versions of software that you have to manual uninstall) on new machines.

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JeepGamer3860d ago

I hear lots of reasons Mac is better than PC, strange how they never include Mac's "legendary" support or the fact that every store in the world that sells computer hardware or software is stuffed with things for the PC.

For those who don't know: Mac's support is legendary for being rude as hell.

JsonHenry3860d ago

It would seem that roughly about 90% of consumers agree that the PC is better. : )

ikiru33853860d ago

@ 1.1


90% of consumers are more familiar with pc....doesn't always mean they agree it's better.

JsonHenry3860d ago


If a product has at LEAST a 90% market share - then it would not matter if it was duct-taped together and runs on AAA batteries - it is the better product. At least in the eyes of the consumer it does, and that is what counts.

Personally, I don't have anything against the Mac. Other than the fact it is a closed system. When people can buy the OS, and then go to to order parts to build their own system you would see a huge jump in number of Mac OS enabled machines.

G-unit3860d ago


Macs are too expensive. Ma lil nikkas cant spend a G on a fuc1ng computer dey wan spent it on chronic. Dats why dey by PCs cause they cheap but ima buy 1 of ma lil boys a mac for his party next week its gon be off the chain no wha im sayin.

Whoooop3860d ago (Edited 3860d ago )

As much as I love G-Unit, Shady Records and Aftermath... please translate the hip-hop crapguage into common english language...

Not even Tony yayo writes like that...

drewdrakes3860d ago

I spent 1700 dollars on a PC. I got PC because it doesnt suck. I couldve bought a mac, but what does it do that a PC doesnt. Especially considering im smart enough to remove things I dont need.

Kaneda3860d ago

MAC can dual both MAC OS and Windows.. I don't think PC can do that.. you have to go thru a lot of trouble to have MAC OS X to run on PC... and less viruses...

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actas1233860d ago

No no, HP is better than PC.

gw4k3860d ago

Hahah This guys knows nothing about computers. haha HP blows and you know what, HP is a PC maker. haha

Danielson3860d ago

i will give you the benefit of the doubt and assume that was supposed to be a joke. (a really bad one)

if u were serious then ??? wtf ???

Azures3860d ago

John Hodgman is way funnier than Mac will ever be. So much so that Mac's actual name has become forfeit to his annoying commercial identity.

gw4k3860d ago

You all know it by now, but there is another os and that is Linux. Free, powerful, and SECURE.

I love it.

This is my ratings.

Linux then MAC then Windows..

This of course is based on my needs.

If you are a gamer, you should go in this order....

Windows then MAC then Linux.

MAC over Linux is a tough call. No one in their right mind will game on a MAC. haha

G-unit3860d ago

Its so confusing to install software on it. You got to configure Yum and do some things there, its a pain in the @ss. Get a Mac dawg.

drewdrakes3860d ago

I tried to install ubuntu on my laptop. Eventually got it all working, but initially the graphics wouldnt. Then i got the graphics working. Then on reboot they stopped working. Then i had to reinstall ubuntu and try again. Then the graphics were working perfectly. Then i tried to install sound, which in turn screwed up graphics. Then i uninstalled graphics and reinstalled and then i was cool. Oh ya, graphics and wireless randomly dont work on boot one time and then do the next, uh why?

G-unit3860d ago

Looking at your avatar, you probably have a PS3, and when you have a PS3 I dont see any purpose at all of playing games on your PC.

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