Is Wii Fit for Gamers or Fat, Out-of-Shape People??

Isn't it strange, how Mario Kart Wii is quietly shuffling out between Brawl and Wii Fit? Shouldn't it be a bigger deal? Either Mario Kart Wii is a little disappointing, or Nintendo is banking big on Wii Fit.

What's interesting is how Nintendo is pushing Wii Fit to the masses. Moreso than any Nintendo product so far, Nintendo is not trying to sell this to gamers. Their biggest marketing campaign in history is going to be aimed squarely at upscale big box retailers like Target and Best Buy.

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Kakkoii4873d ago

You forget. A large percent of gamers are out of shape. And this is the kind of thing that they might be willing to do, to get a little exercise.

ItsDubC4873d ago

How about neither or both?

A lot of gamers on this site will not like Wii Fit, and many out-of-shape individuals are out of shape because they aren't interested in getting fit.

On the other hand, there will inevitably have out-of-shape gamers who will see this as a way to finally start thinking seriously about getting in shape.

Wii Fit doesn't really appeal to me personally at the moment, but if it manages to help at least one individual improve his/her health (which is probable I think), then I will consider it a success.