Oakenfold's Bourne Conspiracy Score at Live Show and Online

From the article: "Sierra Entertainment and Yahoo! today announced that they will debut part of an original soundtrack by world renowned DJ, remixer and producer Paul Oakenfold for Sierra's upcoming video game Robert Ludlum's The Bourne Conspiracy(TM). The companies have partnered to present the world premiere of Oakenfold's score with 'The Bourne Sessions,' a live concert featuring Oakenfold and members of the Florida Classical Symphony, with a special performance by Atlantic recording artist Cee-Lo Green, at the 2008 Winter Music Conference (WMC) in Miami, Florida. 'The Bourne Sessions' takes place at Mansion, one of Miami's newest super clubs, on March 25, 2008, with live webcasts by Yahoo! Live and through Sierra's The Bourne Conspiracy Web site."

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solar4493d ago

thats pretty cool. the tracks ive heard from Paul are sick. very catchy with good beats.

Rhezin4493d ago

he just exploded with money. Seriously Paul Oakenfold is very wealthy, but with good reason his music is hard hitting and rhythmic some times. Very good DJ

M4I0N34493d ago

yeaa, i cant wait till i play this game wiv Oakenfold's mixes in there xD

JelalTrueshot4493d ago

A lot of folks say Oakenfold has 'gone soft' but I think this is mostly from the hardcore trance crowd. Sure, his scores are not always pounding and broody but he is a heck of a lot more creative than doing just that now.