Xbox 360 nears 50,000 mark in NZ

Gerard Campbell catches up with Microsoft New Zealand's Tom Hunt to chat about the Xbox 360.

"The Xbox 360 celebrates its second anniversary this month. What have the milestones been for the console in New Zealand?

Tom Hunt: We're approaching 50,000 consoles (sold) in NZ, which is staggering. Kiwis have taken the Xbox 360 to heart and New Zealand is one of the top Xbox 360 territories in the world if you look at sales per capita. The success of the console recently has been fuelled in part by the massive launch of Halo 3."

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doodle4497d ago

PS3 reached that target in NZ last year

PeeboDaKilla4497d ago

I'm jw, are you like for real?
Or do you just like to mess with people?

decapitator4497d ago

Great news for Microsoft and 360 fans in NZ.