Battlefield: Bad Company Beta 2nd Wave

Planet Battlefield writes: "For those who didn't make the cut during the first wave of beta keys are in luck today. We have opened the second key release form for those still trying to enlist in this amazing beta program for Battlefield: Bad Company. So hurry up and click the graphic below to secure yourself in the beta program and to grab your beta key. Hustle soldier, keys are limited!"


At 4pm PST the IGN network sites below will all have additional BFBC beta keys to giveaway.

Planet Battlefield -


Gamespy -

Voodoo Extreme -

Team Xbox -

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zonetrooper54488d ago

Public keys are still gone. =/

scottyd4488d ago

Shows keys available here.

scottyd4488d ago

Yep, public keys gone now.

Skerj4488d ago

I knew I should have gotten 2 in case a friend needed one.

scottyd4488d ago

Keep checking (or use our RSS feed) Planet Battlefield and other IGN sites (Voodoo Extreme, Team Xbox etc...) later on today. We should have some keys to give out.

DivDee4488d ago

I'm not paying for that crap.

BeaArthur4488d ago

I tried to register the other day but apparently I didn't have enough "experience" because of their ass backwards way of asking the questions. It irritated me enough to the point where I might not even check the game out at all.

Marceles4488d ago

I thought they would've taken anyone who's anyone.

BeaArthur4488d ago (Edited 4488d ago )

Nope, they asked me questions like what games do you play and since I was trying to be honest; I currently "play" CoD 4 and Halo 3 I checked those boxes. They had boxes for games I have played like Gears of War and GRAW2 and crap but since I don't play those anymore I didn't check the boxes. Also they asked how many beta's I had taken part in. I could have lied but to be truthful I have only participated in 2 betas but I could have lied and counted any online demo as a beta but once again I tried to be honest. Next time I'll just lie though and make crap up if they are going to be d1ck's about it. Seriously does EA just go around trying to piss people off or does it come naturally?

THX71684488d ago

That is pretty much all I answered and I "passed screening."

For the categories you mentioned I marked: CoD 4, Shadowrun, Half-Life 2, and 2 betas.

Sadly, I logged in and got the following message "You have passed screening, but only subscriber keys are left. Select a package to the right to continue the beta signup."

I'm going to pay $1.25 a month ($14.95 annually) just to play a game early.

Spydiggity4488d ago

this is just that idiot website's way of advertising their crap for free. they didn't have more public keys, they just wanted to see how many more ppl they could dupe into registering.

Boldy4488d ago

No they were available for an hour, but the amount of keys were limited. The website was telling the truth.

scottyd4488d ago

Looks on various forums and you'll see many people got free keys.

Marceles4488d ago

Supposedly there were 5,000 free keys available for the public. I'm sure alot of gamers are hating the ones that got more than 1 key hehe...anyways, I can't wait to try out the beta tomorrow and see how well the destructible environments are.

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The story is too old to be commented.