The $600 Question: Are Consumers Ready to Commit to PS3?

Ever since Sony announced the prices for its two PlayStation 3 SKUs, many videogame journalists and sarcastic forum posters have been bashing the company, its decision, Betamax (because that old chestnut never goes away), and the three-headed monster known as Kutaragi, Harrison, and Hirai. In fact, to read some of this BS, no one wants to buy a PlayStation 3, Sony's crazy, and in a sick and twisted switch, Microsoft's $400 Xbox 360 is now a sweet deal.

GameDaily hit the streets, visiting San Francisco, various places in New Jersey, see if consumers are willing to plunk down the six Benjamins for the right to lug home Sony's George Forman grill.

By and large, most of the people they spoke to in New Jersey and California are ready to walk home with a PlayStation 3 no matter the cost. As one store owner put it, "People that I've spoke to don't care how much it is. Instead, they're more concerned that it won't be available. They think it'll be as difficult to find as the 360 was last fall."

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bernie6206d ago

No games console is worth $600, no matter who makes it. "Playstation" is just a brandname, nothing more, wait for the price to drop to something reasonable. If we all just enjoy our Xbox360's and Nintendo Wii consoles (yep, you can buy both for the cost of a PS3), Sony will have no choice but to lower the price to something we would consider.

Bill Gates6206d ago (Edited 6206d ago )

PS3 is the best value hands down. If you can't afford it or your parents wont buy it for you, than that's too bad for you. It's all new technology, and not repackaged components.

60 Gig hard drive
More than 97% backwards compatibility
Don't find reasons to hate something just because others are doing it too. You robot.

Shadow Flare6205d ago (Edited 6205d ago )

I agree with what twinkle toes just above me said

The ps3 is a completely new console with all the latest hardware


If a $600 (or $500) ps3 isnt value for money, what exactly does the 360 offer that IS value for money?

Thinking...thinking...thinking so hard...ugh...dvd doesnt look like a box...ah no, im all out

ACE6206d ago

i dont think its a good deal cos its got blue ray,,, all the sane people know that it will be a pi$$ poor quality compared to a stand alone player so no sorry i'm of to get a 360 today

bernie6206d ago

Premium Xbox360, Oblivion, Extra pad, Extra faceplate, Extra Remote all for only £299 @!

achira6206d ago

but its a good deal to buy old technic for 400 bucks, hahahaaa, you dont believe itself.

USMChardcharger6205d ago

it has a 3 core processer with each core running @ 3.2 ghz and each with 64 bits! you call that old tech.
you can't even get a computer with 3 cores yet.
my PC buddies flip out at the specs of the 360. i just don't get what you guys don't see.
and before you guys reply, take note i did not bash the ps3.

6205d ago
Shadow Flare6205d ago

so lemme get this straight...

lol, have pc buddies? PC...buddies. Do you also have travel sickness buddies, or ear medicine buddies? I mean...cmon man, you're not helping yourself out at all by saying that

And your pc buddies lol, they 'flipped out' when they saw the specs of the box 360?

Show them the specs of the ps3, maybe making them read that will make their nose bleed...geez

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Joe Schmoe6206d ago

Blue-Ray player 1000 dollar value

the console it self priced the same as 360 400 dollar value

Being able to do most of the same things as a media pc 500 dollars

So if you break it down like that you are looking at 1900 dollars in value for 600 dollars. Dont need to be a rocket scientist to know a good deal when you see one.

Islandkiwi6206d ago

I can't agree with your logic. A blu-ray player is not worth a thousand dollars if it's in the ps3 and sells for 5-600. A Ps3 is not a 500 dollar pc. And it's not the same as a 360 either.

You're trying too hard to justify it to yourself if you say it's a 2,000 value in a 500 dollar package. I mean, that's a paid television show kind of deal you're making...and we all know how much of a deal those tv ad show products are.

slugg6205d ago

The blu-ray player in the PS3 will be the absolute cheapest one available at the time. By Sony's own admission, this drive/technology caused the systems delayed launch. Surely everyone can't have forgotten the fiasco with the crappy drives in the first PS2s? You know, the ones Sony refused to admit there was a problem with, got sued over, and lost?

PS3 with two-thirds of what Sony promised - $600.00

PS3 with half of what Sony promised - $500.00

PS3 with broken drive a week after you buy it -Priceless!

achira6206d ago

i want a ps3 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!