OXM: Prototype Preview

Tim Bennison knows you're evil. "In open-world games, the player is a son of a bitch. They're going to want to do terrible things," says the Executive Producer of Prototype. "So rather than build a game with a moral code or restrictions on what the character can do because he's not that bad, screw it!"

Hence the quite remarkable level of gore in Prototype. Your military experiment Alex Mercer has to absorb people to survive, and it's not a subtle experience - screaming pedestrians are ripped to pieces on city streets, and he's not shy about property damage either. OXM saw him running straight up the side of skyscrapers then leaping back to the ground unscathed, hijacking military helicopters by tossing the navigator out and then splattering the pilot messily across the inside of the cockpit.

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kalel3333860d ago

This game is gonna be sick !!

Rhezin3860d ago

or it could be a Crackdown/Assasin's Creed lookalike. I have a feeling it might be, but the combat just looks sick and innovative.