CVG's Motorstorm 2 wish list

Motorstorm 2 is coming and, having been big fans of the first game, CVG are really looking forward to it. But what new treats, new tropical island aside, will it bring to the PS3 series?

There's not much concrete information about the game yet other than that sun-baked island and the inclusion of a new vehicle class, Monster trucks, all of which showcase in the flashy announcement trailer.

But the trailer could be hiding more subtle hints to new features planned for the sequel. After having a good look through it (a few dozen times), CVG put together 10 features, upgrades and improvements they would love to see in Motorstorm 2. And if none of them are in the final game CVG will drive to developer Evolution Studios's building and throw human faeces at its windows. Maybe.

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Phil Harrison Mkllll3950d ago

1-Offline 4player splitscreen mode(+you can race trucks vs trucks)
2-In car view
(i.e you can see the steering wheel,and you can use the window screen wipers
to clean off the mud/rain off the windows!!!) ;-P
3-Rain poring down!!!(+other weather effects)
4-You can play your own music tracks(off hard drive) while driving!!! ;-P
5-More tracks!!! ;)
6-Stunt games???
(like the ones in the intro video of MotorStorm 1, would love a cross-over circuit!!!
they had one in Destruction Derby 1 on the ps1)
It should be a brill game anyway!;-P

Amanosenpai3950d ago

Number 2 is like a WET dream Phil

LJWooly3950d ago

CVG are a bit stupid. Stunts? With a boost of speed if you land it succesfully? This list should be called "CVG's list of ways to ruin Motorstorm".

Also, the physical surface deformation actually did have an effect on the car's driving over it. Only with the smaller vehicles, though. The Big Rigs just ploughed right through it.

Water-based events? Ah, these guys don't know what they're talking about. Please, Evolution, don't listen to them!!

Luca Blight3950d ago

even something as lame as some racing tournament to crown the best off-road racer in the world would work!

LJWooly3950d ago

No! It would just be NFS:ProStreet, but with mud :(