Retrospective: Street Fighter

Learn all about the king of 2D fighters. Hadoken!

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Goodfella783863d ago (Edited 3863d ago )

when i think about most snes or megadrive[or genesis in usa] games,like streetfighter,which was defo superior on the snes,and anyone remember flashback on the megadrive,was originally meant to be on the amiga,and was the follow up to another world,another great classic on the amiga that ill never forget,ov course there is more but it would take me all day to tell u the rest,im such a sentimental creature when it comes to gaming,im one of the lucky ones thats been there from the start,my first pc was a commodore vic 20,and my first console was a sega master system,ohh the memories[lol].peace out.....

Yi-Long3863d ago

... I was interested in reading the article, but when I went to the site it threw a loud advertisement-video for some FPS in my face instead, so I couldnt be bothered anymore and closed the tab...

Kami3863d ago (Edited 3863d ago )

ill rather watch my akuma drawing :)