Peter Molyneux - ''Revolution is coming'': True Next Gen Gaming is coming after E3

Parody video by Peter Molydeux - Revolution is coming
Info coming soon.

MonkeyNinja3646d ago

Video seems to be about his new game Godus. If you pause at 0:44 it says "GODUS GAME OF THE YEAR".

aceitman3646d ago

yeah just like milo did on the 360, he is full of it, next

ltachiUchiha3646d ago

LOL oh the memories of milo lol. Hope this game turns out well.

Blacktric3646d ago

" he is full of it"

Understatement of the century. Guy's a "professional" hype artist...

SkyCrawler3646d ago

I think he speaks just to stay relevant...

Boody-Bandit3646d ago (Edited 3646d ago )

All I hear when this guy talks is blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, WOLF!

Peter, we are not buying it. There is no wolf.

ThanatosDMC3646d ago

I remember the article about him crying... fun times on n4g.

nveenio3646d ago

Is this real? The video said "Molydeux", but I thought his name was Molyneux?

gaffyh3646d ago

@Molyneux - Nobody believes a word you say. You've cried wolf far too many times.

UltraNova3646d ago

Hey Pete say hello to Milo for me will'ya?
Thanks man!

MurDocINC3646d ago

The only revolution I see is the unlimited detail engine. Slower devices running higher graphics than pc, that's going to change everything, not some game.

Gazondaily3645d ago

There is no denying that this guy failed to deliver to his own lofty claims at several occasions but there is no denying his passion for the industry.

Yes, his failures do open him up to the criticism he so rightly deserves but, I still think the industry needs people like him; people who truly feel passionate about what they do, that have a vision that extends beyond concerns of mere monetary gain, that even though they fail, they continue to strive to achieve what they want.

I'm more content with the likes of him than the Bobby Kotick's of this world, the latter of whom would only shed a tear if their bank balance took a hit and not cry like Molyneux did because he tried hard but failed.

I admire him, not for his failures but for his passion. It's easy to be a jerk online and say, ooh bla bla, all he does is talk. But I respect him because he really does try. Good luck to him in his endeavours.

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SockeyBoy3646d ago

Oh f*** I didn't notice its a parody...the guys youtube username is Peter MolyDeux.

hay3646d ago

That's a damn good parody. Indistinguishable from original Molyneux.

indysurfn3645d ago (Edited 3645d ago )

All I hear when this guy speaks is his excuse for not fixing the glitch towards the end of his master piece game(which prevents you from finishing the game).
PETER: 'only less than 5 percent of people finish games anyway'

To me that says only 5% will be saying: stay away from his low quatlity crap that he does not have enough maruals to make a fix for.
To me that means only 5% will spit on me for stealing there money!
To me that means only 5 percent will know I'm not a man!

only a really bad or reallly good personality will make a person make a parody about his. Guess which one you are Peter?

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Blackdeath_6633646d ago

Peter Molyneux back to his usual shenanigans

Utalkin2me3646d ago

How many times can a boy cry wolf?

NarooN3646d ago

So sick of this guy, all he does is talk up a storm and then just releases a mediocre product, lol.

SockeyBoy3646d ago (Edited 3646d ago )

Yeah I hear that...

I wish it was for Sega not Peter...(hmm that had a nice ring to it)

Kurt Russell3646d ago

Before Xbox he created a few good titles ;)

Anyway this is just a parody by someone else - "imagine playing as a Dutch shoe that starts a revolution" Just not many people here have actually taken the time to watch the 50 second clip, and instead are just smack talking Molyneux thinking it has actually anything to do with him.

UltraNova3646d ago

Hey Peter is that you? ;-)

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