Warhawk Patch 1.4 to include new Game Modes

At the Playstation Blog, Dylan Jobe posted a comment saying:

"We have a lot of new designs at various phases of development so I can't say which ones will make the cut for the v 1.4 patch just yet…but rest assure that the next patch *will* have new modes, and of course, they will be free."

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blusoops4491d ago

having different modes will be great! Although my favorite still remains to be Deathmatch! Can't wait for v1.3 aswell.

mikeslemonade4491d ago

King of the Hill and Tug of War would be nice.

games4fun4491d ago

is good i hope they are fun

fenderputty4491d ago

I'll have another reason to play Warhawk soon. I've been on COD4 detail for a while now.

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The story is too old to be commented.