Today on Reddit: The Last Of Us Sell Date Broken In Canada

GG3 reports on The Last of Us, as some lucky soul has provided proof of their early acquisition of the highly anticipated game, breaking the normal street date. Some images show the game functional on Playstation 3 and that more than a week before the release. It's hard not to be jealous right now.

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Prcko3582d ago (Edited 3582d ago )

i want this now!!

minimur123582d ago

Same! :(

you know he's canadian by knowing its a canadian copy of the game, the came case says
'only on playstation'
and then the same in french

everyone knows the only country that has a mixed mother tongue of English and French is canada :)

minimur123581d ago

why all the dislikes? lol

do you disagree that canada has a mixed mother tongue of french and english?

SecondSon3581d ago

@minimur12 are you ok? Did you bang your head and forget you were on N4G?

I can't believe I am missing out on this game because my PS3 died :/

If PS4 wasn't this close I would have bought another one but till then I guess I will have to spend most of my time in my friends house!

Enjoy you lucky b****rds! :P

strotee3582d ago

why does the game save say 5/31/2012 ?

nick3093582d ago

Some people set wrong dates on ps3

grassyknoll3581d ago

Because in some parts of the world, it's month, day then year.

nypifisel3581d ago

Pretty much NA only. Logically it makes no sense though. You want to scale upwards from the time nearest to you going further away.

day/mon/yea <- Makes sense
mon/day/yea <- O___________O

SecondSon3581d ago

True but then you realise we write time in hours:minuets but when we speak we say "minutes past hour". Which one is right there?

I grew up in two EU countries so I am used to day/month/year because most of the time its the day of the month which I seem to lose track of but never the month.

Even in a news article you can usually guess the month if it was recent.

gaabrielz3581d ago

I think he actually meant why is it written 2012 and not 2013

Lockon3582d ago

Whats the Multiplayer like!

Daavpuke3582d ago

Probably pretty empty right now.

animegamingnerd3582d ago

or maybe it has staff at naughy dog and people working on their reviews of the game

minimur123582d ago


Thats possible, Im pretty sure they get copies early to get write reviews on, like Empire

famoussasjohn3582d ago

I wonder if the servers are up to even have a leak come about for the multiplayer. Time to avoid anything related about The Last of Us until launch day.

Nitrowolf23582d ago

The MP is not up until the 14th sadly, at least with retail copies

xPhearR3dx3581d ago

Retail copies are the same as review copies. Unless you're playing on PC, there's no way for the devs to single out people who bought the game early, and people who received a review copy.

Grimhammer003582d ago

I know of a place I can go get it right now. The owner does this for long term loyal customers.

It's always a mom n pop shop. Never big chain stores.

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The story is too old to be commented.