Is Sony the Apple of Gaming? - 'Sony: Media Master'

Sony's had a few rough years. But, all the pieces seem to have fallen into place for '08. (Everybody is asking ebulliently is this Sony's year, including Sony.) More importantly, Sony, like Apple, has a facility with media that translates into sleek user interfaces more polished than either Microsoft's or Nintendo's. Both companies have also had a propensity for tenaciously backing media formats with mixed results, most recently AAC and Blu-ray successfully.

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sonarus4834d ago

wow sony is actually getting recognized for something good.

kevoncox4834d ago (Edited 4834d ago )

Yeah! What are you going to do with all your spare time now?

Sony is not the apple of the gaming industry. I believe that belongs to Nintendo. Everything it touches turns to gold. DS, GBA, Wii and it made the most money last CONSOLE gen with the gamecube.
The fact that the wii has reached pop culture success speaks volumes.

Edit: How can I be gettign disagrees. It's simply a fact. Nintendo is closer to being a mass market item than anything Sony has out right now. The ps3 is still mainly a gamer's item. You don't see 60 year old non gamers hording them. The wii, ds and reconzied world wide.

Time_Is_On_My_Side4834d ago

So you're saying for Sony to be the Apple in the gaming industry they need to make the most money?

As far as I know Apple isn't dominating in the PC (Personal Computer) market right now. I bet most people have a PC that had Windows XP / Vista pre-installed than having Mac OS. I just think they're implying that they make really good technology better than the competition but never getting the dominance.

I'm not really sure I haven't really read the article so my opinion can change on the topic.

drewdrakes4834d ago

Neither Nintendo nor Sony are the Apple of gaming, why? They both have reasonable sales compared to their competition.

barom4834d ago

I agree that Nintendo did well with DS and Wii but other than that they've been flopping all over the place ever since SNES.

N64, GameCube were both flops (GC even sold less than Xbox on worldwide basis). GBC and GBA only did well because there is no one to compare it to. I bet that if you compare the sales of those handhelds with the PSP, the PSP probably would have better sales.

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mighty_douche4834d ago (Edited 4834d ago )

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edit: cheers for embed. This aint exactly anything new though.

TriggerHappy4834d ago

I did not get any error ? I just skimmed through the article. Good stuff.

mighty_douche4834d ago

Yep, it's working for me now, you can see the contributor updated the link.

Cheers though :)

decapitator4834d ago

Sorry about that, I made a mistake with the link and fixed it. :)

decapitator4834d ago

"Nintendo: Disruptive Innovator"

Now there is something you dont see everyday with all the recent hype about the wii. Am surprised someone had the guts to really write a nice article like this.

"Sony: Media Master" No no no, Sony: Media Gods"

mighty_douche4834d ago

I love the XMB, it's super easy to navigate, look's gorgeous and allows you to fully customize it to your liking (themes,folders,playlists,stre aming videos in windows), it's great. It'll be better when we get it in-game mind :P

I heard they were going to impliment it into their TV's, i hope not, that would mean more debt for the douche.

PS360WII4834d ago

They do have the xmb in their Bravia TV's

rawd4834d ago

XMB rocks, and having it in the Bravia is great

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