Stagnant Economy Threatens Gaming Ads writes: "Over the past three years, in-game advertising has grown quickly, offering a promising revenue stream for the video game industry.

Now there are worries that this segment of the industry may be slowing, a victim of a stagnant economy that may have slipped into a recession.

Research firm eMarketer says advertisers are likely to spend $25.8 billion online this year, down from $27.5 billion it had projected in October. That lower level of ad spending, though, still is 23% higher than what was spent in 2007".

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Yi-Long3861d ago

... like Crackdown.

Come on now. You're in the future in an american setting, and suddenly you walk around and see a DUTCH advertisement for a upcoming movie in a cinema near you!? (I live in Holland btw).

That takes you right out of the whole atmosphere of the game, and besides, I already paid for the game, so why the hell should I have to come across some in-game advertisements for some dumb movie I'm not even interested in watching anyway!?!?!?

I have no problems with advertisement-boards in a game like Pro Evo or along the track in Forza or Project Gotham Racing etc, but in certain games it just shouldnt be done.

...and it honestly keeps me from buying such games.

Especially when they have localized advertisements. I'm dutch, but that doesnt mean I want dutch advertisements in my non-dutch games with non-dutch settings!

Why are we paying full-price for games, only to be bombarded by in-game advertisements!?