Rock Band Patch Messes With Calibration

Have you calibrated your TV to work best with the Rock Band inputs from your instruments? It seems the latest patch is causing some big issues with that. Sure, you get some fixes and the new in-game store, but if gameplay breaks, everything suffers.

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taz80804874d ago

I am unsure why the patch would change your calibration settings, this makes no sense. The PS3 version seems to work fine after the patch. Shame on MS.

drunkpandas4874d ago

I don't think this has anything to do with Microsoft. It's probably poor testing on Harmonix part. Hopefully it gets fixes ASAP

fiercescuba4874d ago

calibration errors in a rhythm based game are not good. hope this is not another bioshock patch that makes the game unplayable for about a week.

solar4874d ago

i fired up Rock Band and recieved the patch....and it did seem like there was a lil problem with calibration now that i think about it. ps3 version and the guitar. hopefully not. and it was just me being absolutely at it at times :D

drunkpandas4874d ago

I haven't played since the patch, but we've received multiple reports of the calibration issues